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Useful Links for Seniors

Listed here are a variety of resources that may be useful for Seniors in different aspects of their lives. 

Resources Related to Aged Care Facilities

Aged Care Online

Aged Care Online is an online directory for aged care services. It has a directory of Aged Care homes and services across Australia, in addition to information on how to compare and judge what services are best for you. There is also an online store which allows you to purchase a variety of products for aged care. 

They can be contacted via email at info@agedcareonline.com.au and their head office can be telephoned on 03 9775 3200 (Victorian number). 

The website address is: http://www.agedcareonline.com.au/

Aged Care Australia 

Aged Care Australia is a federal organisation which offers impartial advice on aged care options. It offers advice on hospitals, care programs, aged care homes, advice for family and friends of those in need of aged care and more. One of its services offered is an assessment by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT or ACAS in Victoria) to  determine what services you are best suited for and also which ones you are applicable for. Some services and many aged care homes require an ACAT assessment for you to be eligible for their services. Government programs like the Home and Community Care (HACC) program and the National Respite for Carers Program (NRCP) do not. Aged Care Australia has a convenient option available on their website which allows you to locate your nearest ACAT simply by entering your state and suburb or postcode. The site also has many FAQs. 

Find out more by telephoning the Aged Care Information line on 1800 200 422 from anywhere in Australia. By providing an email address, you can also organise to receive regular updates from the website.

The website address is: http://www.agedcareaustralia.gov.au/internet/agedcare/publishing.nsf/Content/where+to+start

Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency 

This independent company works closely with the government to monitor adhesion to the accreditation standards for aged care facilities set out by the Aged Care Act 1997, the Accountability Principles 1998, and the Accreditation Grant Principles 2011, among others. Available on their website is the accreditation of specific homes/facilities through their search option. They provode information on the accreditation process and the standards applied. It also offers a channel through which complaints about the standards of a facility may be made. The Agency passes information on those facilities not meeting standards to the government. However, it is to be noted that the agency website is primarily a source for the homes themselves looking for accreditation services and tips. 

The agency can be telephoned on 1800 288 025. Complaints can be lodged by emailing complaints@accreditation.org.au but it is recommended that complaints about a home be lodged directly through the relevant government body (a link to which is available on the agency website). Contact details for individual states are available online. 

The website address is: http://www.accreditation.org.au/

Office of Aged Care Quality and Compliance

An office within the government Department of Health and Ageing, this is the official government channel through which complaints can be made about standards in aged care facilities. The complaints process is explained and advice is offered on how to go about complaining, what warrants a complaint and whether you may prefer to go through an independent (non-government) body to complain, like an advocacy group. The website has a convenient feature which allows you to listen to the page, a feature that may be useful for those who are hard of sight. 

To lodge a complaint, you can call 1800 550 552 or alternatively, you can lodge your complaint online via a link available on the webpage https://www.dss.gov.au/contact/feedback-compliments-complaints-and-enquiries 

The website address is: https://www.dss.gov.au/our-responsibilities/ageing-and-aged-care/ensuring-quality/aged-care-quality-and-compliance

Links to General Services for Seniors


seniors.gov.au is an online resource for people over 50. It is run by the federal government and offers advice and assistance on a number of topics, including; health, finance, employment, lifestyle, care and legal rights. On their respective pages, the website refers users to many helpful resources that could help them in that area. It offers information on funding schemes, general tips and government programs. The site also has an Events Calendar page which allows users to connect with seniors events in their local area. It also has a page which features interesting insights into seniors in Australia today as well as photo collections following the evolution of the over 50's community in Australia. 

They are contactable on telephone by calling 1800 500 583, via email by emailing admin@seniors.gov.au, by mail at;

Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing
GPO BOX 9848
Canberra ACT 2601

The website address is: http://www.seniors.gov.au/internet/seniors/publishing.nsf/Content/Home+Page  

Aged and Community Services Australia

Aged and Community Services Australia is a national peak body representing over 1,100 church, charitable and community based organisations that provide accomodation and care for the elderly and disabled. They have a variety of projects designed to help the elderly be more financially stable as well as financial support for the development of better technology within the aged care industry to improve safety and comfort. ASCA works also to help guide the development of public policy which supports the aged community. 

Contact Details:

Telephone: 02 6282 7827

Website: http://www.agedcare.org.au/

Address:  Level 1, 10 Thesiger Court, Deakin, ACT, 2600

Mailing Address: PO Box 4445, Manuka ACT 2603

Advocacy Groups for Seniors

Rights of Older People Advocacy Group

This is a network of primarily state based advocacy groups that provide a combination of advice, education, policy development and most importantly, representation initiatives to the elderly. In instances where an aged person feels disadvantaged or in need of negotiating assistance in the areas of aged care services, ACAT assessment or Carer rights, Rights of Older people associations (access to the individual state bodies is available on the website) may be called upon to reach a mutually acceptable outcome between both parties. One body with which Rights of Older People is associated is specifically tailored to address elder abuse.

The contact details differ depending on the advocacy group you wish to contact, be it state based or tailored to a specific issue. These details are all available online at the website address.

The website address is: http://www.agedrights.asn.au/rights/home.html

Require assistance?

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