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Great Gadgets for the Home

A variety of different products are avilable to make everyday living easier and more pleasant.

Household and Kitchen

Jar Openers

  • Jar openers make it easier for people with painful joints and weak hands to remove lids.

Chopping Boards

  • Chopping boards with spikes or vice type holders holder food while chopping or peeling. These devices may help people who have difficulty holding items steadily or can only use one hand.

Jug and Kettle Tippers

  • Jug and kettle tippers eliminate the need to lift these objects, reducing the chance of accidental burns or spills.

Tap Turners

  • Tap turners make it easier to turn difficult taps on and off. Lever taps can also be installed.

Long Handled Reachers

  • Long handled reacher can be used to pick items up from the floor without bending.

More details are avilable on the Kitchen information page.

Eating and Drinking

Lightweight/Weighted Cutlery

  • Lightweight cutlery with large handles make grasping and holding cutlery easier. Weighted cutlery can reduce spills for people with tremors

Shaped Knives

  • Angled or rocker knives can be helpful for people requiring an alternative method of cutting.

High-sided Plates

  • Plates with high sides may assist those with difficulty loading their spoon or fork.

Lightweight Cups

  • Lightweight cups with large handles are easier to hold if you have difficulty lifting and holding regular cups.

Non-slip Matting

  • Non-slip matting can be placed under cups and plates to prevent sliding.

More details are avilable on the Kitchen information page.


Devices to increase a person's safety when bathing include bath boards, shower chairs, stools and bath seats. Non-slip matting or flooring can help prevent falls on wet surfaces. Long handled sponges and brushes make reaching your back easier.
More details are avilable on the Bathroom information page.


Raised Toilet Seats

  • Raised toilet seats which are fitted to the toilet and over-toilet frames make it easier for someone to get off the toilet.

Over-toilet Frames

  • Over-toilet frames sit over the toilet and they provide a raised seat and armrests. Some brands come with a bucket and can also be used as a bedside commode.


  • Bedside commodes may be useful for those having difficulty getting to the toilet.

Bottom Wipers

  • Bottom wipers are curved/angled handheld aids designed for people who have difficulty reaching their bottom for toileting/hygiene.

More details are avilable on the Bathroom information page.


Adapted Clothing

  • Adapted clothing may be useful for people who have difficulty dressing themselves.

Long Handled Tools

  • Long handled shoe horns, dressing sticks (for reaching clothing in hard to reach places/helping to pull up clothing like trousers) and sock aids can assist with dressing.

Elastic Laces

  • Elastic laces eliminate the need to un-tie and re-tie laces.

Button Hooks

  • Button hooks may assist individuals with limited hand function to do up buttons.


Long Handled Tools

  • Long handled combs and brushes enable people with limited arm and shoulder movement to brush their own hair.

Adapted Handles

  • Grooming tools which have lightweight and large handles are easier for individuals with weak hands to grasp.


Enhanced Grip

  • Hand tools which have large grip handles that are set at right angles may be easier to use.

Long Handled Tools

  • Long handled equipment allows you to sit or stand while gardening.

Raised Garden Beds

  • Raising garden beds will also improve access to the garden.


  • A garden kneeler or seat can be used around the garden to conserve energy.

More details are avilable on the Garden information page.

Recreational or Leisure Gadgets


  • Needle threaders or self-threading can assist crafty individuals who are vision impaired or have limited fine hand skills. Hands free magnifiers or magnifiers with lamps make it easier to see your work.


  • Larger crochet or knitting needles are easier to hold. One handed aids also exist for those who can only use one hand.


  • A range of card holders exist for those who are unable to hold cards in their hands. Large print cards are also available.


  • A bowling arm enables individuals to play bowls without bending. A ferrule that fits the bottom of a crutch or walking stick prevents damage to the green.

More details are avilable on the Leisure and Recreation information page.

Require assistance?

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