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What is Leisure?

Leisure is the broad term used to describe activities that are undertaken for personal pleasure. These may be different for each individual. 

Maintaining the ability to participate in leisure activities can be an important part of meeting life values and desires, developing and maintaining social relationships, acquiring new skills and knowledge, and facilitating positive influences on well-being and mental health.


Assistive Technology for leisure activities

This section includes information about using assistive technology for leisure activities. It also has tips for making leisure activities safer and more comfortable.


Click on each topic title to go to that topic search page in the assistive technology product database.  

Recreation, Leisure & Sports In this section you will find information about devices to help you participate in leisure activities including; arts and crafts, games for adults and children, park, playground and play equipment, exercise equipment, gardening, music, pet care, photography, reading, sexual aids, smoking aids and sporting aids. Also included is information around all terrain manual and powered wheelchairs as well as bikes, tricycles and carts. 

If your preferred leisure activities involve eating and/or drinking, or perhaps cooking, browse Kitchen & Household Tasks for assistive technology designed specifically for preparing and cooking food, preparing drinks as well as eating and drinking aids.

If you are interested in computers or games that can be played on the computer but are struggling with certain functions browse Computer Access or Aids for Low Vision for screen magnification software, screen reading software.

Your preferred leisure activity may have a social component but barriers caused by hearing loss are inhibiting your desire to participate. Browse Aids for Hearing Difficulties for suggestions around voice amplifiers and listening devices.

Design & Building for Access & Safety has information on accessible homes and caravans if you love to travel as well as adaptive technology for building and design, including modified tools for those that like to 'tinker in the shed'.

For children in particular it is very important that they are able to engage in play, whether that be indoor, outdoor, imaginative or with toys as this aids in their development. If you browse Children you will find a range of assistive technology designed specifically for children to engage in leisure activities. 

Require assistance?

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