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Equipment for Recreation and Leisure

Seated Leisure Activities

Seated leisure activities can include card games, board games, puzzles, reading, etc. Products for these activities are designed to assist a user who is either vision impaired or has physical disabilities.

Products for the Physically Disabled

  • Products to help those with physical difficulties include alternate holding methods, extra large sizes, lightweight pieces, reachers, pushers, alternate methods of computer access and page turners.

Products for the Vision Impaired

  • Products to help those that are vision impaired include large print, Braille embossing, texture equipment, recessed boards and mats to stop pieces from sliding around and items with auditory feedback.

Water Sports


  • Fishing rod adaptations are available to assist with holding the rod, baiting the hook, casting and reeling in, and removing the hook. Tools are also available to assist with cleaning fish.


  • A range of commercial assistive devices are available to assist with a number of swimming difficulties. Devices are available to assist with buoyancy, access to a pool or beach and moving in the water.

Scuba Diving

  • Devices are available to assist with scuba diving. A range of commercial assistive devices are available to enhance vision underwater, buoyancy and specially modified prostheses are available for the lower limbs (legs and feet).


  • Hoist systems are available to enable access to boats, modifications to the boat can be made to improve seating and movement within the boat, modified gloves can be used to grasp paddles and a sighted guide can assist if someone has vision impairment.

Water Skiing/Boarding

  • Adapted equipment is used to enable sitting and standing and to improve stability during water skiing/boarding. Adapted boards and slings for those with use of only one arm are available.

Active Sports

In this area, standard equipment and techniques can be modified.


  • For cricket, lightweight equipment and gloves attached to the bat are available.


  • Golf buggies and stabiliser golf gloves are available. One could also opt to play from a seated position.


  • In tennis, a rebounder net may be used for practice, wheelchair tennis may be played and there are various devices to assist with holding the racquet.


  • Modified cycles (hand propelled) are available in addition to toe clips, larger seats, training wheels, tandem bicycles and three wheeled bicycles.


  • For those who participate in archery, bow cuffs can help maintain the bow, string pullers are available and there are supports for the wrist and elbow as well as chest straps.

Indoor/Outdoor Games

Lawn Bowls

  • To play lawn bowls, a portable ramp may be needed to allow access to the green. A bowl lifter can eliminate bending, a bowling arm or bowler's aid can assist with picking up and delivering the bowl or jack.

Ten Pin Bowling

  • Devices are available to assist with carrying and/or delivering the ball during ten pin bowling. For example, bowling ramps, bowling pushing sticks, bowl carriers mounted on a wheelchair and sprung handled bowls.

Table Tennis

  • Cuffs or mitts assist with grasping table tennis bats and a ball retriever is available to pick up balls from the floor.


  • Commercially available cue holders are available to allow the playing of billiards/snooker/pool. Palmer pockets are another option for holding the cue in the hand to compensate for one arm use or upper limb weakness.


For the large number of crafts for which compensation for disability can be made, the options include modifications to existing equipment, adapting methods for stabilising the work, methods and equipment to assist with holding work and tools and methods and equipment to assist with the actual craft process. Vision adaptations are also available.

Audio and Visual Arts


  • Camera supports both fixed to a chair and protable are available, in addition to remote cable releases for pushing the button and different view finders which can be clipped on.

Playing Musical Instruments

  • There are different solutions for difficulties with holding and playing instruments, for example slings or hand splint with different adaptations on the end.

Listening to Music

  • For listening to music, downward operating buttons and slide adjustments, remote controllers (see the page on Environmental Control Units) and easy to remove CD holders are available.


  • For painting, a wide range of equipement is available to hold tools and to support the limbs involved and decrease tremors. Various positioning devices are available to secure the paper and paint palette.

Require assistance?

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