Product Standards - An Overview

Standards are published documents setting out specifications and procedures designed to ensure products, services and systems are safe, reliable and consistently perform the way they were intended to. They establish a common language which defines quality and safety criteria.

How Do Standards Affect You?

Some assistive technology needs to meet Australian or other standards. Standards may relate to materials, manufacturing and installation. Products that meet Australian or International standards will have written certification.

Purchasers are advised to check with the supplier, manufacturer or on the testing authority website to determine if an item is compliant with the relevant Standard(s).  To find out if a product meets Australian Standards you should first ask the supplier to show you the certificate.

Standards testing bodies include:


Furntech is an independent not-for-profit technical organisation providing standards, testing, product certification and research for buyers and sellers of furniture.

Website: Furntech


Novitatech is an organisation that performs standards testing and provides a standards compliance list on their website. The equipment from the following product categories have been tested: elbow crutches, electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, patient lifters, prosthetics, ramps, rollators, scooters, shower / toilet seats, walking frames.

Website: Novitatech Test Laboratory


State or federal regulations may afffect the use or application of some assistive technology products. It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with all relevant regulations. Some information for specific products will be provided with product descriptions. 

Where To Get More Information ?

You can go to the Standards Australia website or you can purchase standards from their online shop which is at SAI Global

Require assistance?

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