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Links Relating to Home Modification

To make your home safer, easier to move around in, better suited to your current abilities and/or to allow for the installation of Assistive Technologies, you may need to make modifications to your living environment. Without help, this can be expensive  and it can be difficult to find a contractor who is able to help cater to your specific needs. There are also a variety of rules and regulations with which you must comply for your changes to be both safe and legal. This page offers links that may help you with all these factors. 

Building Codes and Requirements

Standards Australia


Standards Australia is an independent, not-for profit body recognised as the premier non-government standards organisation in Australia. It monitors what is considered viable and safe building. It is important to consider their standards when making modifications to the home to allow for the installation of Assistive Technology and the adjustment of current infrastructure to better suit your needs. There is advice on safe gradients, ceiling heights, etc, all designed to help make your modifications as safe as possible. 

The website for Standards Australia is: Standards Australia

The customer information service can be contacted on telephone by 1800 035 822, toll-free, nation wide between the hours 9am-5pm (AEST) on weekdays.You can email them at mail@standards.org.au. Standards Australia recommends that you review their FAQ (frequently asked questions) page before making any enquiry. 


The Australian Building Codes Board


This is a joint initiative by all levels of Australian government and includes members from the building industry. It is a regulatory body that is constantly evolving to meet the needs and provisions of current technology. Through the Building Code of Australia website, they have made available the Building Code of Australia which should act as a guideline for any modifications made to the home.

General enquiries can by made via telephone on 1300 134 631 or via email at ncc@abcb.gov.au.

State Funding Plans

Each state and territory may also have a specific home modifications or maintenance scheme.  Please contact your nearest disability or aged care service, or independent living centre to discuss your local options.

Helping You Find Contractors

Association of Consultants in Access Australia Inc.

The ACA is a national association of people working to achieve higher standards in accessibility in the built environment for people with disabilities. It is the peak national body in Australia for access consultancy. The ACA website website has a directory through which you can find your nearest ACA consultant by entering your postcode.

Require assistance?

If you require advice or assistance in choosing relevant AT products for your needs, please call our national ILC Infoline 1300 885 886. You will be connected to your local state/territory ILC for the cost of a local phone call.

** NT callers are automatically directed to ILC in South Australia.