1300 885 886 Independent Living Centres Advisory Service

Independent Living Centre


Contact Details:

Telephone: (03) 9362 6111

TTY: (03) 9314 9001

Fax: (03) 9687 1607

Email: ilc@yooralla.com.au

Post: PO Box 1235 Robinson VIC 3019



Display Location:

Braybrook:  Shop C1 Central West Shopping Centre 67 Ashley Street Braybrook VIC 3019

Opening Hours:

9.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday.  

Display Location:

Blackburn:  54 Railway Road, Blackburn

Opening Hours:

The Blackburn site is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please contact staff at Braybrook to schedule a visit to the Blackburn site.

Our services include:

The Independent Living Centre is a service of Yooralla that provides information, advice and trial of independence equipment to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities or age related difficulties. It is staffed by Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists.

There are two ILC equipment displays with one in the east (Blackburn) and one in the west (Braybrook) of Melbourne. The service to view the equipment is free and is available at both centres. Clients need to ring and book a time to view the Blackburn centre, but can drop in at Braybrook during the opening hours.

A phone enquiry line is staffed by therapists with specialist equipment knowledge based at Braybrook.

Appointments for complex equipment can be arranged and a fee is charged. Non assist appointments are also available free of charge for a treating therapist to come in with a client to trial equipment. We also provide guided tours of the Braybrook display centre for community groups.

Equipment Library:

The Equipment Library is a short term trial service, primarily offering children’s equipment. Equipment is loaned for one month which can be extended to a second month if the equipment is not reserved. Children’s seating, wheelchairs, standing frames and bathing and toileting are some of the items available for loan.


ComTEC offers services throughout Victoria to people of all ages with a disability who have communication and technology needs. We provide professional advice by occupational therapists and speech pathologists on the functional application of assistive technology, which enables informed decision making about communication, computer and technology options for people with disabilities.

ComTEC Services include:

Information and advice on computer access, hardware and software, communication devices and environmental controls via the telephone, fax and mail enquiry service

Individual client advisory sessions

A short term hire library

Training in the use of recommended equipment or software

Workshops for health professionals, teachers, other service providers and family members in the selection and use of computer and communication equipment.