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Post: The Niche, Suite A, 11 Aberdare Road, Nedlands WA 6009 

Independent Living Centre WA



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The Niche, Suite A, 11 Aberdare Road, Nedlands

Opening Hours: 8.30 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday

Our services include:

Assistive Equipment and Technology:

ILC’s occupational therapists and speech pathologists can provide information and advice to help people choose and access the most appropriate equipment and technology to support greater independence, safety and improved wellbeing.

The ILC also provides allied health services including assessment, training and support to use assistive equipment and technology that will enable people to better manage tasks in the home, school, work or wider community.

The Nedlands Centre has a wide range of equipment on display. Appointments can be made to see an occupational therapist or speech pathologist to discuss your needs in greater depth.

The Cockburn Centre is set up like an apartment so you can see, trial and experience assistive equipment, technology and changes to the home in a replica living environment. ILC Cockburn also features an integrated ‘Smart Home’ display. Smart home technology can provide an alternative way to control appliances and services in the home and ensure people’s safety.

Home Modifications:

ILC provides a home modification service that includes information and advice about your home modification options to support greater safety and independence. In addition, through our Community Allied Health Services our occupational therapists can provide a consultation service about home modification designs. Our aim is to help you to live independently and safely in your home.

Equipment Hire:

ILC Hire specialises in the short-term hire of equipment for older people and people with disability throughout Western Australia. ILC Hire provides an opportunity to trial equipment to determine its suitability prior to purchase, assists those whose rapidly changing needs makes equipment purchase impractical, and meets short-term needs such as post-surgery.

Technology and Communication:

ILC’s occupational therapists and speech pathologists can provide information and advice to help people choose and access the most appropriate assistive technology or communication aids. To provide a more comprehensive service, the Technology Service also offers community allied health services including assessment, training, support and therapy services.

ILC’s therapists are experienced and skilled in the areas of Tablets, apps and smart phones; Equipment to access the computer such as alternative keyboard and mouse options; Communication options such as Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), high tech, low tech and voice amplifiers; Options for controlling appliances such as televisions, DVD players and lights; Software, apps and gadgets for supporting literacy; and Mounting of communication devices, environmental controls, switches, laptops and iPads.

Community Allied Health Services:

Through ILC’s occupational therapy, speech pathology and physiotherapy services our experienced allied health professionals will work with you to achieve your goals at home, school and work, or in the wider community. We offer a number of individualised allied health services to ensure there is one to suit you.

Country Services:

The Mobile Information and Display Unit travels statewide to extend the services of the Perth based Independent Living Centres to people in rural and remote communities. The ILC also uses videoconferencing technology. This allows for real-time exchange of information and communication between two or more sites.

Grants and Equipment Funding:

The ILC manages two grant programs for individuals with disabilities. These are the Disability Equipment Grant (DEG) and the Equipment For Living (EFL) Grant. Both grants have different eligibility and types of equipment/assistive technology they fund.  Forms are regularly updated so please refer to the website for the latest versions.

Occupational Therapy Driver Assessment Service:

The ILC Occupational Therapy Driver Assessment (OTDA) Service provides comprehensive assessment and rehabilitation services for people with disabilities or medical conditions.

OTDA is different to a Department of Transport licensing test. It focuses on the impact of a person’s disability or medical condition on commencing or returning to driving.

Assessments are conducted by a registered Driver Trained Occupational Therapist in a supportive environment, and aim to ensure that people are safe and able to drive, where possible. Rehabilitation lessons, where appropriate, are supervised by the assessing therapist and implemented by an experienced driving instructor.

Carer Respite and Support:

The ILC is the provider of the North Metropolitan Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre. The Centre assists carers with options to take a break from their caring role, through short term and emergency respite services. Carers can also access free and confidential information on the range of services available to them.

You can contact the Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre by telephone: 1800 052 222

Training and Workshops:

The ILC offers a range of Professional Training and Community Information Sessions based on the needs of the disability, aged care, health and special education sectors. Our health professionals are qualified to deliver training on a range of topics, with specialist knowledge in Assistive equipment and technology; Communication; Home modifications; and Inclusive technology in schools.