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The Independent Living Centre WA has released a new guide about simple assistive equipment and home modification options to assist people to remain independent and safe in their own homes.

The Making Choices, Finding Solutions Guide is also full of useful tips and advice to help people to manage everyday tasks and common frustrations.

The guide addresses a range of solutions for issues an individual may encounter throughout their home. From the bathroom to the laundry, and from the bedroom to the kitchen, in addition to outdoor tasks, housework, dressing and taking medication.

For example, opening jars and tins can be difficult for some people so a selection of recommended jar and tin openers are listed; reaching things on the floor may be tricky so a power board with a remote control to reduce bending and lifting may be a solution; or some people may be unsteady when showering so sitting might be a better option and installing a hand held adjustable shower head to wash their back and feet might work well for them.

All aids and equipment detailed in the guide are readily available online and in local stores and have prices listed.

ILC Service Manager Hilary O’Connell said that with thousands of assistive equipment and home modification options available on the market, it can be a challenge working out what’s available, what’s suitable and where to find items.

“The aim of this guide was to make it a simple and easy to follow guide so that individuals themselves, or family members, can find simple solutions to daily living tasks that may be difficult,” said Ms O’Connell.

Since the guide’s release in April this year it has received a range of positive feedback.

“WOW! This guide is fantastic! I think it is the most useful resource I have ever seen, and all Practice Nurses need to be aware of it,” said Louise McInnes RN.

The new Making Choices, Finding Solutions guide can be viewed online from our website by following this link or if you would like to request a copy at a cost of $10 (including postage) please call (08) 9381 0677.

Require assistance?

If you require advice or assistance in choosing relevant AT products for your needs, please call our national ILC Infoline 1300 885 886. You will be connected to your local state/territory ILC for the cost of a local phone call.

** NT callers are automatically directed to the ILC in South Australia.