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EIA is a specialised web browser designed for touchscreen use. Navigation of web pages is completed by single touch buttons on the screen. Features a step by step tutorial on web browsing using EIA. Also has built in assessment and training modules and is intended for Internet training and access for people with disabilities and other special needs. Compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

General Details

Extra product information

Simplified "Push Button" Browser
A simplified interface with large buttons designed to be used with a touch screen.
Fully compatible with the Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser (IE4/5/5.5)
Provides a launching pad for Web sites, search engines, email and more
Integrated Interactive Tutorial
Provides interactive, stepwise learning of the skills needed for Web browsing.
The tutorial is integrated into the EIA Web Browser and leads on naturally from the Awareness Assessment Protocol. It finishes with the option to connect to the World Wide Web.
The tutorial covers basic concepts of browsing such as the Home & Back buttons, vertical and horizontal scrolling, hypertext, frames and online forms.
The tutorial is accessible from within the Browser at any time that the client feels the need to reinforce learning.
Awareness & Assessment Protocol (AAP)
A tool for clinicians working with people with physical or cognitive disabilities
Provides quantitative information about a clients abilities and likely difficulties in using the Web. The AAP has been designed for clinicians by a Speech Pathologist and an Occupational Therapist. Its purpose is to assess the ability of the client to use the equipment and to comprehend what is required to use the Internet.
Comprehensive tests cover touch accuracy, visual discrimination and memory, and reading skills. Each test is scored on a provided score sheet and the client's results can be related to a researched normal range. The results enable the clinician to detect any abnormality in the client's view and comprehension of the computer screen.
At the end of the assessment the clinician is able to recommend modifications to support a clients introduction to the Internet.


Pentium class computer with 32MB+ RAM, 1GB+ hard disk, Win95/98/2000 or NT 4.0, sound card & speakers, and a modem or network card as appropriate for Internet connection






Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model Enhancing Internet Access: One model only


Contact listed suppliers to confirm features, options and models available.

Standard Features Included

  • Level of Customisation:
    • no customisation
  • Access method:
    • On screen switch

Set Up or Installation

  • Installation:
    • CD
    • self installed
  • Operation:
    • online
  • Purchase Options:
    • single user
  • Operating system(s) :
    • Windows

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