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ELR is a software program comprising of on-screen, targeted, therapy activities in the areas of phonology, phonemic awareness, reading, spelling, and semantics. Designed to be used as a facilitated exercise tool between client, clinician and/or helper.

General Details

Extra product information

A new edition of eLr-Offline is generated each month, and a free updated replacement CD is sent to subscribers each 6 months. If you wish more frequent updates, you may update your eLr-Offline installation directly from the website each month, so that the materials are as current as the Internet version.


Each task is flexible in its delivery style, there are activities appropriate to clients with developmental or acquired language disorders (paediatric & adult). the helper provides reinforcement appropriate to the client needs and cultural style.
Providing Home Practice Activities
Provision of home and/or school based programs may occur with the use of Program Goals sheets. The "Program Goals" sheet is used for schools and families who are already subscribers, as they have access to the Directory of tasks. Families who are not subscribers are able to use eLr on the Internet via the free 'Guest Access' using the "Program Goals (Guest)" sheet. They do not have access to the Directory, and the clinician needs to provide specific task numbers.
Supporting Documents
The 'Support Area' also contains documents and information for reference and use within therapy. To document progress and results of therapy sessions, "Session Record" sheets are available. The "eLr Prac Notes" gives outlines of various speech, language and literacy disorders, and highlights eLr sections which would be useful to develop skills in those specific areas. An "eLr Printable Directory" allows the user to print the main headings of the Directory, or in the case of subscribers, the entire classification and listing of tasks (currently about 90 pages).


ELR Software Pty Ltd/Australia


Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model ELR Extra Language Resources: only one model available


Contact listed suppliers to confirm features, options and models available.

Standard Features Included

  • Accent:
    • Australian
  • Access method:
    • Direct selection
  • Literacy Support Features:
    • Homophone support
    • Study tools
  • Level of Customisation:
    • limited customisation

Set Up or Installation

  • Operating system(s) :
    • Apple iOS
    • Macintosh
    • Windows
  • Operation:
    • CD to run
    • offline
    • online
  • Installation:
    • Internet download
  • Purchase Options:
    • subscription

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