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A keyboard holder which can be adjusted in height by tilting the front of the keyboard up slightly and raising or lowering it to the position desired. It is available with optional mouse rest which can be fitted to various parts of the holder and can swivel 270 degrees. Wrist rests and keyboard platforms are available in various materials

General Details

Extra product information

* Able to be pushed entirely under the table.
* Provides good legroom as the platform is supported from the top and
not underneath.
* Provides adjustability to a static table which may assist the user obtain
a closer position to the keyboard and mouse.
* Does not require the use of tools or knobs to adjust the height or slide
under the table.
* Can be locked into a position using a knob.
Keyboard platforms
*The above dimensions are for the various size and shape platforms only
which fit the keyboard system.
* Keyboard platforms can extend 390mm from the desk edge.
* Can be custom made to shape, size and colour specified.
* Non slip material fixed on top of the platform.
* Note: Will not take the weight of someone pushing down on the
* 16 gauge steel which is black powder coated.
* A sliding rail is fixed under the desk for the keyboard mechanism to
slide into.
* It can be made to allow or prevent the mechanism sliding out
* The standard tracking dimensions are 450mm long and 135mm wide.
* The height is adjusted by tilting the platform slightly forward.
* It is spring assisted, which allows it to move up or down.
* The height locks into place when the platform is lowered again to
* It has a vertical adjustment range of 160mm.
* To lock the height of the mechanism so it cannot be adjusted, a knob
needs to be tightened which is at the rear right of the mechanism.
* The depth of the mechanism needs to be pushed or pulled along the
tracking under the table.


* Four varieties of shapes and sizes of keyboard platforms.
* Mouse platforms. These can be fitted to any corner of the keyboard platform. They are round and can swivel up to 360 degrees. Rubber bumpers can help prevent the mouse sliding off.
* Three palm supports (wrist supports) are available. The material is
rubber with suede exterior with foam inside or suede exterior with gel
* Extended arm on the keyboard mechanism.
* Extra long track up to 610mm long.
* Double swivel allows the platform and keyboard mechanism to swivel
independently of each other.
* Rectangular mouse pad on mechanism without keyboard platform.
* Removable CPU holder which can slide under, or out from the table.


Contact Supplier for Details


Contact Supplier for Details



Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model Ergo - View Freedom Arm Keyboarding System: Many other options available.

  • Thickness 7 mm
  • Width Overall 510 mm - 710 mm
  • Depth Overall 265 mm - 270 mm
  • Width Overall 510 mm - 710 mm

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