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A 60 minute count-down tactile timer with big and bold black numbers on a white face. Turn dial to set the desired time. A bell rings when set time reached. May be useful for someone with a vision impairment.

General Details

Extra product information

Bold black number on a white face.

Will count down from 60 minutes.

Loud sounding bell when time reached.

Orientation of timer markings:

There are raised numbers to mark every five minutes around the timer. There are long, thick, raised lines which denote every ten minutes and shorter, thick, raised lines to denote every five minutes. There are then thin, short, raised lines to denote the minutes in-between.

Operating the timer-

Wind up the timer by rotating the timer's pointer on the face of the unit in a clockwise direction up to (but not beyond) the 58 minute position. The timer will not ring for the maximum time unless you do this. Then move the pointer back in an anti-clockwise direction to set it to the count-down time required. You will hear the timer ticking as you do this.

Leave the timer to run down until the timed period has elapsed and the bell stops ringing.


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Models / Specifications

Model Big Bold and Tactile Timer: One model only

  • Diameter 200 mm (overall diameter)

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