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CapturaTalk software reads text out loud captured either from a photograph or an electronic document

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Access to text wherever you are
Think for a moment how this could help you…
Take a photo of important text that you need to understand or remember
CapturaTalk scans the photograph, recognises the text using the OCR software (Optical Character Recognition) and reads the information aloud to you with the text to speech function
You hear the information that you need to read and understand or remember for later, for example:
a ticket
a set of instructions
information from a newspaper
a travel schedule
contact details and opening of a health service
Hear text anywhere text can be photographed!
You can store scanned text or your electronic documents as files so you can hear them at a time that is suitable for you. You can easily navigate the audio file to listen to the sections you need. The displayed text can be magnified up to 4 times, making this ideal for people with visual impairments.
See an online Flash demonstration of CapturaTalk (Opens in a new window. If the Flash movie does not play you may need to download and install free Flash player plug-in )
See more CapturaTalk screenshots
View CapturaTalk Case Study – Young dyslexic entrepreneur uses latest mobile assistive technology to compete in the business world
Alternately you can have text read aloud from an electronic document or application (email, contacts, notes, SMS, tasks, Pocket Word and Pocket Internet Explorer), on your Windows Mobile phone, perhaps regarding an important person you need to contact and with the relevant history details you need to recall.
The possibilities for using CapturaTalk are totally up to you.
Hear the world from a different perspective
CapturaTalk is available as a stand-alone software product for people who already have a compatible Windows Mobile device such as a smart phone or a PDA.
CapturaTalk has been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. The simple interface will help you to capture essential information and understand text. It can be of enormous benefit for those who struggle with reading, for example those who have dyslexia. It is also useful for anyone learning the English language.
CapturaTalk is a highly portable tool that can fit in your pocket and be on hand just when you need it.
If you dread the thought of learning new software, you’ll be pleased to find out that CapturaTalk is extremely simple and intuitive to use.

CapturaTalk features and benefits
Scan and recognise text using Abbyy Mobile OCR
Deliver text-to-speech with natural-sounding voices by Acapela
Understand what words mean by having the definition read to you from the included Concise Oxford English Dictionary
Always available toolbar: Access CapturaTalk v2 from the toolbar which sits on top of all of your Microsoft mobile applications
Pop up window with text highlighting during read-back
Save scanned text or your electronic documents as files so you can hear them at a time that is suitable for you
Easily navigate the audio file to listen to the sections you need
Magnify text up to 4 times
Improved file management
Name your pictures when you save them
Recent files list accessible from the open dialogue box
Customise the look and feel
Change the speed of read-back
Change the size and colour of text in the read-back window
Change the background colour and highlighting colour in the read-back window

Phone / PDA / Device Requirements
Phone/PDA/Device running Windows Mobile 5.0 or above
2 Megapixel camera or higher preferably with Macro or Auto Focus modes (a 5 Megapixel camera will capture a whole A4 page for reading)
65 MB of storage (29.5MB for CAB file, 35 MB for the install)
microSD slot
Devices that have been tested and are fully supported are as follows:
HTC Touch Pro, Touch Pro 2
HTC Touch Diamond, Touch Diamond 2
HTC Touch Cruise
HTC TyTN II (Kaiser)
HTC TyTN I (Hermes)
Samsung Omnia
HP IPAQ 614c
Sony Experia X1
Toshiba Portege G810
See Spectronics website for more deatails.

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"The rectangular unit has a variable volume, tone and rate control for the buzzer, located on the side. The unit has an on / off switch to turn the extension ringer on / off. When in the off position, the telephone rings in the normal way.

The unit is battery powered by one 9 volt battery."


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Contact Supplier for Details



Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

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Model Captura Talk: Iphone & Android Phone Application

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