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The hard plastic digital pen is a unique device that captures notes handwritten or drawings on plain paper, stores the notes to an inbuilt flash memory and uploads them to a PC, converting handwriting to text. The system consists of a digital pen and a small receiving unit.

General Details

Factors to Consider

1. Keep your Note Taker away from liquids and direct sunlight at all times.
2. Always store your unit in protected packaging or in the original box.
3. Severe shock can cause degradation in performance. Take precautions not to drop the memory unit or pen onto hard surfaces.

Cleaning Requirements

Clean your note taker using a soft cloth. Special care must be taken not to insert sharp pointed objects into the ultrasonic transmitting and receiving units.

Extra product information

Method of Use:
The digital pen uses patented technology combining ultrasound and infrared technologies with sophisticated algorithms to enable an accurate tracking and positioning system that senses the movement of the tip of the pen on any surface and sends it to the receiving unit which stores it for later retrieval.

When placed in mouse mode and connected to the computer, the pen can be used as a computer mouse. Simply hover the pen to direct the pointer. To click an application press a slim button at the neck of the pen, alternatively, tap the pen on the paper.

Mounting the Receiving Unit to Paper.
The receiving unit is recommended to be positioned at the top of the paper. It has three clips on the back to assist with attachment. It features an LCD screen which indicates when it is connected to the PC, memory capacity (which indicates when 90% storage has been used), low battery for digital pen and receiving unit, note mode, mouse mode, and number of saved notes in memory. The receiving unit will automatically shut down in 10 minutes if the digital pen has not been used, to save power.

Ink refills:
Standard refill, 67.0mm long x 2.35mm diameter).

The pen is battery powered with two SR41 batteries. To install or remove the batteries, unscrew the top of the pen. To remove simply tip the pen upside down, the batteries will fall out. To install ensure that the positive poles of the batteries are facing upwards, the batteries are positioned one on top of the other.

Captures up to 50 A4 pages.

Connection to a PC can be achieved via the USB cable.

System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP or Vista
Minimum 50MB available hard disk space
Minimum 128MB RAM
32 bit colour quality
Screen resolution 1024x768 pixels.
Available USB port.


Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model Standard: Digital Pen and base included

  • Length 130 mm
  • Width 10 mm

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