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A mattress designed for people at medium to high risk of developing pressure areas. Can quickly convert to provide alternating air pressure by attachment of a pump. Consists of a base layer of interlinked air cells which adjust when the user changes position. Also has a fibre filled topper layer and hypolex (multi-stretch) cover which helps to reduce shear and friction, disperse user weight and increase comfort. Two models are available.

General Details


All mattresses can be ordered with or without a pump. With the pump, they operate as an alternating air mattress. Without a pump, they operate as a self adjusting air mattress only.

Extra product information

Base: Ten horizontally oriented nylon covered air sectors. Base is surrounded by foam walls enclosed in a tough cover with double reinforced handles.
Topper: Multiple layers of densified poly fibre with two layers of foam allowing the user to be fully immersed in the pressure relieving system.

Has six distinct pressure relief zones along its length and provides low interface pressure because of the air exchange design. Included heel slope pillow system provides low interface pressure readings in the lower legs and heels.

Firm foam around the perimeter of the mattress provides for greater stability during ingress/egress

-Converts to an alternating air mattress when attached to pump.
Controlled release valve automatically adjusts the system during user movements, user repositioning and bed articulation providing consistent pressure relief.

Multi-stretch cover helps to disperse the weight of the user and increases comfort. Anti-microbial protection has been applied which inhibits the growth of bacteria. Linen locks sheet hold down system keeps a flat sheet in place even during user repositioning. Prevents sheet hammocking. Heavy duty bottom cover with reinforced handles for easier transport.

ADJUSTMENT: The mattress uses self adjusting technology (SAT) which enables air to flow between adjacent cells to accommodate for the user`s shape as well as any changes in position. Air flow between cells is slow occuring within a 5 to 7 minute delay time in order to overcome any instability. The "dynamic" nature of the SAT air cell system aims to achieve a mattress base that is able to respond to a variety of body shapes, sizes and user weights effectively.

BED BASE: Suitable for slat or spring bed bases


BG industries/USA


Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model Quantum Convertible Mattress: For loads up to 227kg

  • Width 890 mm
  • Length 1905 mm
  • Depth 178 mm
  • Load Capacity (supplier stated) 227 kg

Model Quantum Convertible Bariatric : for loads up to 360kg

  • Length Overall 2030 mm
  • Depth Overall 175 mm
  • Width Overall 965 mm

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