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This software is for communication and computer access. It can be used on tablet computers, laptops/notebooks or desktop PCs (Windows only). The Grid 2 can be installed on dedicated dynamic display communication devices. It has dynamic display communication using both symbols and text for speech output. Accessible using switch, mouse, trackball or keyboard or eye gaze. Superseded by Grid 3, but still available on Zyteq website for sale and trial software can be downloaded from the Smartbox website

General Details

Extra product information

- For relaying communication messages, the user can use either symbol displays or spelling
- For producing typed text, both symbols and text can be used.

OUTPUT: Digitised and synthesised speech

ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL: Enables use of PROGress star and PROGress Micro to control a variety of electrical appliances

MOBILE PHONE ACCESS: Can be connected to Bluetooth compatible mobile phones to send text messages and view incoming text messages.

METHOD OF USE: The Grid can be controlled by touch screen, mouse pointer, head pointer, keyboard, joystick or indirectly with a switch

DISPLAY: Screen displays are customisable to suit the user ranging from simple displays of symbols to complex text input screens with letters, words and word prediction lists.

- The rate of text input can be enhanced with word prediction
- The Grid can be integrated with existing environmental control equipment


Smartbox / UK


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Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model The Grid 2: One Model Only


Contact listed suppliers to confirm features, options and models available.

Access Options

  • Auditory scanning:
    • Alternative cue
    • Group cues
    • Item cues
    • Row column cues
  • Accessibility features:
    • auditory prompts
    • font size adjustment
    • key delay / acceptance
    • pre-acceptance delay
    • rate enhancement
    • scan speed adjustment
    • touch sensitivity adjustment
  • Scanning features:
    • auditory scanning
    • automatic scanning
    • inverse scanning
    • Onscreen scanning
    • single switch scanning
    • step scanning
    • two switch scanning
  • Scanning patterns:
    • Block Scanning
    • Column Row Scanning
    • Group Row Column scanning
    • Linear
    • Row Column Scanning
  • Keyboard features:
    • customisable
  • Access method:
    • Direct selection
    • External switch
    • Eye gaze
    • Head tracking mouse
    • joystick
    • Keyboard
    • mouse
    • Mouse emulators
    • On screen switch
    • Powered wheelchair joystick
    • Powered wheelchair joystick
    • Switch joystick

Visual Display

  • Font size:
    • Fully customisable

Built In Features

  • Social communication and recreation features:
    • Access to computer outside communication software
    • eBook Reader
    • Email
    • Facebook
    • Internet
    • Skype
    • SMS
    • Telephone

Rate Enhancement

  • Rate enhancement features:
    • abbreviation expansion
    • categorised phrases
    • core words
    • customisable dictionary
    • phrase list
    • word prediction


  • Manuals and support material :
    • CD or DVD
    • included with product
    • online

Voice Output

  • Voices :
    • Acapela
    • Nuance RealSpeak Karen and Lee (Australian English)
  • Accent:
    • Australian
    • Other
    • UK
    • US
  • Auditory feedback :
    • beep on button press
    • speak character
    • speak paragraph
    • speak sentence
    • speak word
  • Voice output:
    • computer generated synthesised speech
    • digitised recorded human voice
  • Languages available:
    • Danish
    • Dutch
    • English
    • Finnish
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • Swedish
  • Speech/ Voice customisation:
    • Pronunciation
    • Speed/ speech rate
    • Volume

Language Set Up

  • Pre-programmed templates :
    • Adult page sets
    • Computer access page sets
    • Computer access page sets
    • Email and SMS page sets
    • Environmental Control page sets
    • Photo Album page set
    • Preschool page sets
    • Skype pageset
    • Teenager page sets
    • Twitter/ Facebook page sets
    • Visual Scene Displays
    • Young adult page sets
    • Young child page sets
  • Language Representation :
    • Alphabet/ text based
    • single meaning pictures
    • video
    • visual scene displays
  • Vocabularies:
    • Beeline
    • Fast Talker 2
    • PODD
    • Star Talker 2
    • SuperCore
    • Talkative
    • Vocabulary for Life
    • WordPower
  • Symbols :
    • imported images
    • PCS
    • Symbol Stix
    • Widgit

Set Up or Installation

  • Editing Software:
    • Edit on device
    • Windows
  • Operating system(s) :
    • Windows

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Smartbox (Malvern)

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Smartbox (Malvern)

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Zyteq Pty Ltd (South Melbourne)

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