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WordRead PLUS is designed to help make your computer easier to use and contains innovative speech features. WordRead PLUS adds powerful speech features which allow you to listen to any information on your computer screen - documents, emails, web pages and more. WordRead PLUS will work with any application or software program on your PC

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FEATURES: Simple discrete toolbar that will lock onto any Windows software application you have open and active
Read back menus, button texts and tooltips, as well as any text displayed on screen
Instantly read back any text that you select using your mouse - includes "Click-and-Play" on web pages on Internet Explorer
Read back characters, words and sentences as they are typed
Text to Speech Pronunciation Dictionary
Highlight spoken text
Save speech to audio file, and more.
With WordRead PLUS you have the following extensive range of speech facilities:

Two RealSpeak Solo voices for the most natural and realistic sounding human voices (Australian English: `Karen` and `Lee`).

Echo back letters, words or sentences as they are typed into your computer. Great for confirming what you have typed.
Automatically hear many menu items and objects read by hovering the mouse over the item. Hear button texts and tool tips too.
Read text back from anywhere within Microsoft Word for proofing
Read text back instantly once selected by your mouse. Great for making web pages talk.
Make audio files from documents for listening to on your PC or a portable audio player
Select any text to save as audio. Formats available are WMA, WAV and Ogg
Text to Speech Pronunciation Dictionary to modify the way words are pronounced
Read and highlight web pages in Internet Explorer
Short cut keys to speed things up. F7 is now "play", F7 "Stop", CTRL "Mute".


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