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WordQ software is designed to assist individuals who struggle with writing. WordQ uses word prediction to suggest words that the user is typing into documents and emails, helping with spelling. It also uses high-quality Acapela text-to-speech voices to read back text that the user has entered, allowing for proofreading and editing. WordQ is sold alongside a companion product, SpeakQ®, which combines speech recognition with the features of WordQ to allow users to switch between speaking and typing while writing. The combined program works with Windows. WordQ also works with Mac OS X.

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Suitable for all uses, particularly those who find other options such as Dragon overly complicated to use. Limited to work processing and email style applications and does not completely eliminate need for keyboard or mouse use.

Training involves listening to computer speak and repeating this. Repeating training regularly and saving files regularly is recommended to improve preference. It is noted that users with slurred or highly accented speech may find training this software difficult

SpeakQ can be purchased as a plug-in to WordQ; or purchased with Word Q as a package (single licence, 5 person licence, 10 person licence and in multi-licences accommodating up to 99 users).

Compatability (System Requirements)

WordQ for Mac is a 32-Bit application and is currently NOT compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina. Catalina requires all software to be a 64-Bit application or it simply will not run on the new O/S. If you are running Catalina or you upgrade to Catalina, your WordQ for Mac will not work.


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