The Eyegaze Edge is an eyegaze computer access system for people with complex physical disabilities. The eyegaze camera focuses on only one eye to allow for greater ease of positioning and calibration. By looking at control keys displayed on a screen, a person can synthesize speech, control the environment (lights, call bells, etc), type, run computer software, operate a mouse, and access the Internet and email. The complete package can include Grid 3 for communication

General Details


LC Technologies Inc., United States


One Year



Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model Eyegase Edge Desktop: Eyegaze Edge camera mounted on a 15" monitor on a moveable arm with separate image processing unit.

  • Size of Screen (diagonal) 15 inch
  • Height Overall 2 inch (height of processing unit)
  • Length Overall 6.5 inch (Length of processing unit)
  • Width Overall 6.5 inch (Overall width of processing unit)

Model EyeEdge Tablet: Eyegaze edge camera mounted on a tablet on a moveable arm

  • Width Overall 12.5 inch
  • Depth Overall 0.75 inch
  • Height Overall 9 inch
  • Weight Overall 5 lbs


Contact listed suppliers to confirm features, options and models available.

Set Up or Installation

  • Connections and ports :
    • a USB port
  • Editing Software:
    • Edit on device
    • Remote Editing
  • Operating system(s) :
    • Windows

Language Set Up

  • Vocabularies:
    • Accessible Apps
    • Beeline
    • Core
    • Fast Talker 3
    • PODD
    • SuperCore
    • Symbol Talker A
    • Symbol Talker B
    • Symbol Talker C
    • Symbol Talker D
    • WordPower
  • Language Representation :
    • Alphabet/ text based
    • single meaning pictures
  • Software Options:
    • Communicator 5
    • Grid 3
    • The Grid 2
  • Pre-programmed templates :
    • Computer access page sets
    • Email and SMS page sets
    • Environmental Control page sets
    • Photo Album page set
    • SMS page sets
    • Social Media grid sets
  • Type of Device:
    • dedicated device
  • Symbols :
    • PCS
    • Widgit

Voice Output

  • Voices :
    • Acapela
    • IVONA
    • Microsoft SAPI
  • Accent:
    • Australian
    • UK
    • US
  • Auditory feedback :
    • beep on button press
    • speak character
    • speak on selection
    • speak paragraph
    • speak sentence
    • speak word
  • Voice output:
    • computer generated synthesised speech
    • Portugese
  • Languages available:
    • Dutch
    • English
    • English (Australian)
    • English (Canada)
    • English (United Kingdom)
    • English (United States)
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Norwegian
    • Spanish
    • Swedish

Power Source


Rate Enhancement

Built In Features

Visual Display

Access Options

Speech Generating Device Accessories

Speech Generating Device Mounting & Positioning

  • Positioning:
    • Built in stand
  • In Built Mounting Options:
    • Integrated mounting points
  • Mounting Accessories:
    • Keyboard
    • Other mounting plate

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