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A rigid framed custom made manual wheelchair. It has a chrome moly frame (or can be customised in titanium) and is self propelled using a rear wheel action, and is suitable for children, youth and adults. Can be customised to individuals seat width and depth, and has multi axle positions. A range of accessories are available.

General Details


- Titanium frame
- Specialist frame colours & finishes
- Side guards
- Anti tippers
- Angle adjustable footplate
- Flip up footplate (to the left or right)
- Strap adjustable backrest upholstery
- Strap adjustable seat
- Spinergy quick release rear wheels
- Solid or puncture resistant tyres
- Plastic coated or Stainless steel hand rims
- Cushions
- Cushion covers
- Calf strap mounting loops
- Tool Kit
- Crutch holder
- Seat pouch
- Under chair net
- Frame protectors
- Tool kit

Extra product information

The standard frame is rigid frame made from 3/4 " diameter chrome moly steel with the option of upgrading to titanium. It has a box style frame with a tapered front. There is a choice of fixed or adjustable castor housing and rear wheel positions. Choice of frame colours are available. Anti tip bars are optional.

The wheelchair features a slung style seat with adjustable upholstery tension underneath. The seat can be tapered if required. There is an option of a 50mm medium density foam cushion with black nylon cover and hook and loop tape strips to attach it to the base. The seat width, depth, front of seat height and rear seat height can be customised to the required dimensions.

Padded backrest upholstery, hook and loop tape adjustable seat and backrest are standard with the option of adjustable back and seat upholstery tension.

A non folding backrest is standard, with the option of a folding backrest. Can be adjustable in height. There is an option of integrated push handles or stroller handles.

Does not come standard with armrests, however there is the option of swing away tubular armrests (at specified height), or height adjustable armrests with an integrated clothing guard.

Available with a "V" front end or tapered parallel front end with a single piece footplate. Adjustable height leg rests and a calf strap are standard.

The wheelchair has a one piece footboard with 3 adjustable positions forwards and backwards. There is an option of an angle adjustable footboard or it can be made of titanium.

Quick release spoke rear wheels with aluminium hand rims and high pressure, Marathon Plus, or block tread tyres. Standard spoke wheels are available in 22", 24", 25" , 26",or27" styles. Optional Spinergy wheels can be fitted to the chair in 24", 25", 26" or 27" sizes and with black, red, blue, white or yellow spokes. Solid puncture resistant tyres are available as an option. There is an option to have plastic coated push rims. The rear wheels have multiaxle positions in horizontal and vertical plane with the option of amputee axle mounting.

Pushrims are available in hardened anodised aluminium, plastic coated or stainless steel, and can be wide or narrow set.

There is a choice of castor sizes available including Krypto (roller blade style rubber) castors, soft roll rubber castors or flashing LED castors
with the option of frog legs suspension forks.

There is a choice of brakes including push to lock brakes, under seat scissor brakes or no brakes.

Side guard options include non-removable aluminium, welded titanium (only available with titanium frame), welded chrome moly (only available with chrome moly frame), lift out removable plastic side guards, lift out removable aluminium side guards. Side guard strengtheners are available and are a no-charge option with the welded titanium or welded chrome moly side guard options. The height of the side guards can be specified as 25mm below the tyre, level with the tyre or 25mm above the tyre. Can be customised to the required height and length.


Western Australia




Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model Standard: Standard

  • Diameter of Castor 100 mm (Flashing castors)
  • Diameter of Castor 100.0, 125.0, or 150.0 mm (Soft roll castors)
  • Width of Footrest 220 mm (Can be customised)
  • Depth of Footrest 120 mm (Can be customised)
  • Diameter of Castor 72.0 and 100.0 mm (Krypto castors)
  • Height of Seat from Ground
  • Width Overall
  • Depth Overall
  • Height Overall
  • Weight Overall
  • Width
  • Length
  • Height
  • Depth of Seat
  • Width of Seat
  • Height of Backrest
  • Width between Armrests
  • Weight
  • Load Capacity (supplier stated)
  • Angle of Seat
  • Angle of Backrest


Contact listed suppliers to confirm features, options and models available.


  • Manual Wheelchair frame:
    • chrome moly
    • rigid
    • self propelling


  • Wheelchair seat options:
    • padded
  • Wheelchair seat:
    • slung style
    • upholstered


  • Wheelchair backrest options:
    • folding backrest
    • height adjustable
    • tension adjustable
  • Wheelchair backrest:
    • upholstered


Push handles

  • Manual Wheelchair push handle options:
    • no push handles
    • stroller style handle


  • Wheelchair armrest options:
    • height adjustable
    • lift up
    • sideguards


  • Wheelchair legrests:
    • length adjustable
  • Wheelchair legrest options:
    • tapered


  • Wheelchair footplate options:
    • angle adjustable
  • Wheelchair footplates:
    • depth adjustable
    • one piece


  • Wheelchair tyre options:
    • fully customisable (a large range of wheels are available including high performance)
    • solid
  • Wheelchair tyres:
    • pneumatic
    • quick release axles
  • Wheelchair castors:
    • solid


  • Manual Wheelchair brake options:
    • pushing away from occupant to lock
    • scissor type

Transport and Dismantling

  • Wheelchair transport:
    • dismantles for transport
    • fold via backrest release for transport


  • Wheelchair accessories:
    • anti-tips
    • calf strap
    • under seat bag

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Frederic Periac (Kambah)

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Good Life Medical Pty Ltd (O'connor)

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0.0 - 0.0 (From $2750 (chrome moly) or $4456 (titanium)) unknown unknown

Ram Wheelchairs (Oconnor)

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Six Ten Wheelchairs ()

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Frederic Periac (Kambah)

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Six Ten Wheelchairs ()

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