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The Bed Alert is used to alert an attendant when the user has entered an 'exclusion zone,' for example if getting out of bed. It consists of a base unit and a wireless sensor that can be mounted on the wall, under a user's bed or anywhere in the room where coverage is required. It can be turned off when not required and moved from room to room. The attendant can be alerted by flashing lights or alarm. Up to four sensors can be monitored by the same base unit. With additional equipment Bed Alert can activate SMS phones and set off warning alarms. Customisation available.

General Details

Caution: Emergency Call Systems - NBN

The planned National Broadband Network (NBN), if built as proposed, will replace the existing fixed-line copper telecommunications network. Telephone based emergency call systems supplied by companies who are members of Personal Emergency Response Services Australia (PERSA) are expected to work correctly when connected to the NBN. Please be aware that battery back-up time on the NBN will only work for a few hours during a power failure. Please ensure that your NBN customer equipment is set-up correctly to work with your emergency call system and that the Retail Service Provider (RSP) that you have selected to provide your broadband can support that set-up. If the NBN is rolling-out in your area, call your emergency call system supplier before you sign any contract for the NBN service so they can assist you to select an RSP that is likely to support the continued operation of your emergency call system over the NBN.

Caution: Emergency Call Systems - '000'

It is important to be aware that 000 calls from automated devices (such as emergency call systems) cannot be guaranteed a response from the emergency services if they are unable to validate the condition, address and required response. It is therefore not recommended to program 000 into a non-monitored emergency call system (or autodialling system).

Additional Specifications

• Base: Size H35 x W165 x D80
• Base: Power 240VAC
• Base: Audible alarm 85 dB (where fitted)

Factors to Consider

Suitable for use as a nurse call system via an existing wall connection in a room.

Extra product information

• The base unit is plugged into a power outlet.
• The sensor is battery powered and can be mounted anywhere where coverage is required.
• An adaptor box is used for a nurse call system.
• The attendant can be alerted in a number of ways including flashing light, a sound, a voice recording or SMS.
• Once the base unit is switched on, an automatic 30 second settling period gives the attendant time to exit the room before BedAlert activates.
• When activated, the sensor silently scans the room and will alert the attendant as soon as someone enters the scanned area.
• The attendant deactivates the alarm call by turning off the base unit.
• The Bed Alert will not trigger again until the unit is switched on and all movement has ceased around the sensor.
• The wireless system ensures that there are no cables that may become entangled.
• Can be moved from room to room.


Astec / Australia


12 months on base



Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model BedAlert: One model only

  • Width of Base 165 mm
  • Height of Base 35 mm
  • Depth of Base 80 mm
  • Width 72 mm (Sensor)
  • Height 112 mm (Sensor)
  • Depth 48 mm (Sensor)
  • Range of Receiver Unit 1500 mm (15m x 15m)

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