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Electronic spirit level that provides an audible signal when measuring horizontal planes. Signal differs from right to left slope and the intermittent beep becomes more frequent as you get closer to being level. Silence indicates a level plane. Powered by a 9V battery.

General Details

Extra product information

Has one OFF/ON sliding switch with two ON positions: the middle position only activates the LED visual mode and the end position activates the audio mode. The visual and audio modes only operate for measuring horizontal planes. There is a standard bubble indicator for measuring vertical planes, however, this is not accessible to a user who is blind or vision impaired.

In the audio mode, both a beep and the LED lights are activated. The three LED lights are located next to the ON/OFF switch. There is a green light in the middle of two red lights. The green light and silence (no audible tone or beep) indicates a level surface. The left red light and the higher pitch beep indicates that the left hand side of your work piece is too high and should be lowered. The right red light and the lower pitch beep indicates that your work piece is too high on the right hand side and should be lowered. As the surface moves closer to being level the beeps become increasingly intermittent until silence and a level surface is reached. The unit comes calibrated.

The bottom surface of the spirit level, that is, on the side opposite the ON/OFF switch, is shaped as an inverted V. This is so that it can be used on pipes or workpieces with a round or radiused surface.

Powered by one 9 volt battery. Battery compartment located at flat end of the spirit level and has a lid that slides open. The battery connects to a connection terminal.
This spirit level is equipped with a protractor and ruler feature, however, these features . The 15 centimetre (6 inches) long ruler folds out from spirit level. It cannot be marked with Polymark or other adhesive markers as the ruler fits very tightly into the level and markers will get in the way.

The protractor feature is extremely small and works in conjunction with the ruler. As the ruler is folded out to a particular angle it can be measured by a small window that indicates the angle. The print is extremely small red on white (about 3 millimetres high).

Points to Consider:
The sensor for this spirit level is very sensitive and it requires very minor and careful adjustment before you achieve a level plane and a silent spirit level - this may seem fiddly but it ensures accuracy.


Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model base: base

Model Standard: Standard

  • Length 200 mm
  • Width 58 mm
  • Height 32 mm

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