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This switch is sensitive to vibration in its immediate surroundings. It is activated when any surface nearby the switch is tapped or knocked. It features variable sensitivity and a choice of output modes. The switch can be customised.

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INTERFACE: 3.5 mm male monoplug
METHOD OF USE: Individualised positioning and mounting of switch is required. The potential for vibration given location and mounting surface of the switch is important. Performs best on a hard surface.
Vibration could be produced by a variety of body movements. - Can be used to operate a variety of equipment that is designed for switch control, in particular on/off functions.
OPERATION: Requires a 9 volt battery to power the switch. Normal duration of battery life is about 5 months. Vibration range can be up to 1500mm. It is possible to moderately shake the table the Vibration Switch rests on, but the device will not activate unless the table is tapped the table with a fingernail or knuckle.There is a choice of three output modes on each unit: momentary, latching, or timed.
Momentary Activation - The unit turns your assistive device on and off for a short time (about 1/2 second). Constant tapping will keep the device on.
Latching Activation - One tap causes the unit to turn the assistive device on, a second tap turns it off.
Timed Activation - The unit will activate the assistive device for 2 to 50 seconds depending on the setting of the timer knob. The timer will 'time out' even if the unit is continually activated.


South Dakota, United States of America


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Model Table Tapper: Table Tapper

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