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A rubbish bin which has an automatic lid which lifts up when activated by a sensor located on the front, top aspect of the bin. The lid closes automatically after a set period of time. Suitable for domestic or light commercial / healthcare facility kitchens or laundries.

General Details

Extra product information

The bin and lid is constructed from grey plastic.
The bin uses an infrared sensor to detect an object approximately 100mm away from the inductive window (front control panel). When detected the cap lid opens automatically, then closes. The lid will open within approximately 0.5 seconds of the sensor being activated, then it will close approximately 3 seconds after the hand / object is drawn away.
Available in two capacities.

Power source: requires 4 'D' size batteries. The bin lid needs to be removed and turned upside down to replace the batteries.
Drive system: The automatic lid is driven by the infrared detecting device, a mechanical transmitting device and an electric drive system. These are housed, with the batteries, in the rear compartment of the bin lid.
Control panel: Features two small push buttons for 'open' and 'close'. This allows the user to open the lid manually (the lid will stay open), then to close the lid manually. This enables the user to throw in rubbish frequently.
The indicator light on the control panel flashes yellow, once every three seconds, to indicate low battery.
The control panel also has the inductive window (sensor).
Replacing plastic bag: Follow these steps:
1. Remove lid.
2. Remove inner circle from pail.
3. Insert kitchen tidy bag and tuck it over the top of the pail.
4. Insert the inner circle to it's correct position.
5. Replace lid into the correct position.
Cleaning: The lid is wiped clean. It cannot be immersed in water.
Maintenance: Ensure the inductive window (sensor) is not exposed to direct sunlight.
The manufacturer states the batteries will last approximately 6 months with the lid being opened on average 20 times per day.




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Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model EB20 : 20 Litre

  • Depth of Aperture 200 mm
  • Capacity 20 l
  • Width of Aperture 215 mm
  • Height Overall 580 mm
  • Depth Overall 330 mm
  • Width Overall 250 mm
  • Weight Overall 3010 g

Model EB27 : 27 Litre

  • Capacity 27 l

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