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A range of infrared command devices which are located next to the steering wheel. The device is press button operated and enables the user to activate the vehicle indicators, lights and horn without removing their hands from the steering wheel. Suitable for all vehicles. Controls can be customised to suit individual requirements.

General Details


The manufacturer recommends that the hand controls be installed at their suppliers premises to ensure correct installation.

Extra product information

The device is encased in a plastic casing and is connected to relays via cabling. It can be located either side of the steering wheel according to the requirements of the user. Once located the control pad can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to achieve optimal positioning for use.

Licensing and Insurance Requirements

You are legally required to advise your State licensing authority of any medical condition or disability that may impact on your driving. If not, you risk fines or legal action and your car insurance can be affected. You may need to provide medical reports or undergo driving tests. Modifications to your vehicle must be in line with the Australian safety and design rules. Fitting of wheelchair occupant restraints, child restraints and vehicle hoist ramps must meet relevant Australian Standards. Modifications should be done by suitably qualified vehicle modifiers. You will also need to inform your car insurer of any vehicle modifications. Your policy may become void if you do not do so. Contact the vehicle licensing / registration authority in your State for more information.


Contact Supplier for Details


Contact Supplier for Details


Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model CL004: Infrared press button command unit

Model 1094/ti: Infrared press button command unit

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