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ChooseIt! Literacy series includes a set of 8 titles for working on literacy skills. Each activity has simply presented multiple choice questions. Software can be accessed through touchscreen, mouse and switch. Titles can be purchased as a bundle or individually. Activities can be customised using ChooseIt! Maker 2. Activities are suited for ages 3-7 years.

General Details


Inclusive Technology, United Kingdom



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Models / Specifications

Model Everyday Words : Provides practice in recognising, hearing, matching, reading and spelling everyday words for colour, number, days of the week, months and seasons.

Model Alphabet: Over 40 activities focus on learning the names of the 26 letters and on dictionary skills.

Model Listening Skills: Practise matching and identifying environmental sounds, vocal utterances, musical instruments, music styles, nursery rhymes, simple instructions, sequencing sounds, counting syllables, rhyming and alliteration.

Model Initial Blends: Letters: Covers matching and recognition of written blends.

Model Initial Letters: Looks at the matching and recognition of written letters, a-z. There is one activity for each letter as well as a selection of round-up activities.

Model Tricky High Frequency Words: Multiple choice activities to practise recognition of tricky high frequency words that are so difficult to learn to read and spell.

Model Initial Blends: Sounds: Covers the sounds of the 26 most common initial consonant blends.

Model Initial Sounds: Covers the sounds of the 26 letters, both individually spoken and spoken at the beginning of words.


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Set Up or Installation

  • Installation:
    • CD
  • Purchase Options:
    • multiple user
    • single user
    • site license
  • Operation:
    • offline
  • Operating system(s) :
    • Windows

Standard Features Included

  • Accessibility features:
    • auditory prompts
  • Access method:
    • Direct selection
    • External switch
    • joystick
    • Keyboard
    • mouse
  • Accent:
    • UK

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