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This company modifies a range of vehicles to accommodate a person sitting in a wheelchair in the rear compartment. Access is via a rear folding ramp. Vehicles modified include VW Caddy, VW Transporter, Toyota Tarago, Toyota Commuter and Hyundai iMax. Vehicles can be modified for private or commercial use.

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The rear luggage compartment of a Ford Falcon station wagon has been modified and includes the following features:

- The roof has been raised to provide height clearance and maximum visibility for the wheelchair occupant. It also features rear air conditioning.

- The floor has been lowered and reinforced. This is achieved by removing the petrol tank and converting the vehicle to LPG. The LPG cylinder is accommodated behind the back passenger seat with a steel cover which is covered in upholstery.

- A fixed platform ramp folds out from the rear of the vehicle. It forms a gradient of 1:4 for assisted or independent loading. Constructed from heavy duty steel, counter balanced for easy folding/unfolding. The ramp forms the rear body section of the vehicle when it is in the up position.

- The rear door of the vehicle lifts up and forms a verandah which can act as protection from the weather during loading.

- The wheelchair and occupant are secured with kynedyne and electronic reel lap sash style restraints.

This modification can be supplied as a complete package on a new vehicle or an existing vehicle if it is a compatible model.

Manufacturer arranges relevant Transport SA inspections and compliance plates.


Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

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Model Flashcab Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Manufacturer: Specialists in modifications to a range of vehicles.

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