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A powered (battery operated) deck mounted pool hoist, suitable for commercial (public) or domestic (private) pools. The push button remote control is water resistant. It is constructed of powder coated stainless steel. The user is positioned in a plastic seat with back, flip up armrests, adjustable lap belt and a single footrest. The hoist lifts the person into and out of the pool, lowering the person into the water. It features a reversible design. The unit is supplied with a rechargeable battery with wall mounted charger unit.

General Details

Caution: Lifting and Transferring people - Hoists

It is recommended that prior to using this product. training in manual handling and the correct use of assistive devices should be undertaken.

Extra product information

Accessories available:
Chest strap
Cycle attachment
Lockable protective cover
Overhead therapy bar
Pull-out leg rest
Transport cart
Upgrade pack - includes extra
battery, chest strap, headrest, cover,
and transport cart

• Lift frame: type 304 stainless steel
• Baseplate: type 304 stainless steel
• Chair & footrest: lldpe polyethylene
• Safety belt: heavy-duty polyester strap, hook & loop fastener
• Powder coating: off-white polyester

Additional Specifications

• Lifting capacity: 300 Lbs [136 Kg]
• Static load capacity: 450 Lbs [204 Kg]
• Max. Draft (deck to water): 12.0" [305mm]
• Max. Setback: 16" [406mm]
• Overall height (max): 48-1/4" [1225mm]
• Max. Width (deployed): 44" [1118mm]
• Max. Length (deployed): 55" [1397mm]
• Stowed length (max): 23-1/2" [597mm]
• Stowed width (no footrest): 32-1/8" [816mm]
• Weight: 120lbs [55kg]


Aqua Creek Products / USA


2 year warranty



Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model The Pathfinder Lift: F-900PL

  • Load Capacity (supplier stated) 136 kg
  • Range of Lift 368.0 mm (406)

Model Standard Anchor Kit, Pathfinder™: F-04CAJP16

Model The Pathfinder™ Lift, No Anchor: F-902PL-NA

  • Range of Lift 368.0 mm (406)

Model The Pathfinder Lift Reversed: F-900PL-NA-R

  • Range of Lift 368.0 mm (406)


Contact listed suppliers to confirm features, options and models available.

Type of hoist

  • Hoist type:
    • pool hoist


  • Pool / Spa / Bath Hoist seat:
    • plastic


  • Hoist controls:
    • electric hand held control

Power Source

  • Hoist power source :
    • battery powered
    • rechargable battery

Portability & Storage

  • Hoist storage / portability:
    • dismantles

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