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A lightweight, three wheeled scooter designed for indoor use. It can be dismantled into four parts and can be stored in a carry bag. It has a right handed throttle operation, to propel both forward and reverse. The frame is made of aircraft grade anodised aluminium and it has solid puncture proof tyres. Rechargeable lithium ion battery. Optional folding basket that can be attached to the front or rear. Also available in a Junior size.

General Details

Powered Scooters - safety advice for use

Test you can drive the power scooter safely and with ease before buying it. Check local power scooter road rules and follow them. Only drive in areas scooter is designed for.
This item should be trialled in the user's own environment to ensure maximum safety and independence. Environmental considerations include e.g.: kerbs, footpaths, tram and railway crossings, street crossings, etc.

Extra product information

Aircraft grade polished and anodised aluminium
Short wheel base
Welded and reinforced joints
No suspension
No anti tip bars
Cane holders located at base of steering column or tiller

Smooth vinyl upholstery

Vinyl covered, padded and contoured
Lumbar support backrest
Does not rotate
No suspension
Can be customised to a bigger size, please contact supplier

Partial lumbar support backrest
Padded and vinyl covered
Limited height and depth adjustment


Are tubular with a non slip surface
Located either side of the steering column just above wheel level
Footplates are able to be affixed

Solid rubber wheels
Front is 150mm x 30mm
Rear are 150mm x 30 mm

On and off button on tiller or steering column
Right handed operation similar to a motorbike - twist the handle to accelerate
Turn control dial counterclockwise to move forward, clockwise to reverse
Bell positioned at top of tiller

Lithium Ion battery
Rechargeable battery
Separate charger
Charging time is up to 5 hours for full capacity
Supplier states that this battery is approved for airline travel

On and off switch to activate motor
No other mechanism to disengage motor

Transport and dismantling
Breaks down into four parts for transport
Fits in carry bag which is supplied as standard
Can often be put in the back of an SUV/hatch/wagon with out being dismantled
See method of use for folding and unfolding instructions

Supplier states that seat and backrest dimensions can be modified to a larger size
Supplier prefers to be contacted to discuss this option

Black vinyl upholstery
Silver frame

Frame is made of lightweight aluminium
Footrests are made of tubular lightweight steel


Dual rear friction brakes operated via pressing hand brakes located on tiller
Dual parking brakes via levers on rear wheels

Supplier states that the product is TGA approved. ARTG# 228978

Extra product information

Maximum safe gradient for mobility scooter is approximately 10 percent (approximately 6 degrees).


Air Lite Mobility - Made in Taiwan, designed and developed in United States of America and Germany.


3 year warranty on battery, 2 year warranty on motor



Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model TravelScoot Shopper: Lightweight three wheel scooter

  • Weight of Heaviest Part 8.8 kg
  • Width of Seat 420 mm
  • Depth of Seat 260 mm
  • Load Capacity (supplier stated) 145 kg
  • Weight Overall 12 kg
  • Diameter of Front Wheel 150 mm
  • Diameter of Rear Wheel 150 mm
  • Width of Wheel 30 mm (front and rear wheels)
  • Range (distance) 11 km - 12 km (Based on average user weight of 85kg, this will also vary depending on the terrain)
  • Speed 0 kph - 3.7 kph


Contact listed suppliers to confirm features, options and models available.


  • Powered Scooter frame:
    • aluminium


  • Powered Scooter Seat:
    • contoured


  • Powered Scooter backrest:
    • contoured
    • height adjustable



  • Powered Scooter tyres:
    • solid


  • Powered Scooter controls:
    • on/off switch
    • turn control dial


  • Powered Scooter brakes:
    • Dual rear friction brakes operated via pressing hand brakes located on tiller

Transport and Dismantling

  • Powered Scooter transport:
    • can be dismantled for transport


Optional Accessories

  • Powered Scooter accessories:
    • basket
    • walking stick holder

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