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Liberator Rugged 7 is a dynamic display voice output device with Chat software or LAMP-Words for Life on an Android platform. It features a reinforced casing with a seven inch display. The capacitive touchscreen is accessible by finger touch or an included stylus. The device is designed to be resistant to fluid and dust ingression (IP66) and meet MIL-STD-810G/Method516.6/Procedure IV standard for impact resistant. Several vocabulary configurations are available in both PCS and SymbolStix symbols. It comes with Ivona and Acapela voices. The Liberator Rugged 7 has a carry handle and Bluetooth speakers attached. A sling carrying bag is also provided.

General Details


Liberator / Australia


1 year warranty with optional extended warranty including accidental cover



Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model Liberator Rugged 7 Non-Dedicated: Non-dicated version, able to access Android functions such as user installed apps

Model Liberator Rugged 7 Dedicated: Dedicated version, unable to access Android functions such as apps

  • Height Overall 16 cm
  • Width Overall 4 cm
  • Duration of battery life 15 h (with typical AAC usage)
  • Weight Overall 770 g
  • Size of Screen 18 cm
  • Length 20 cm


Contact listed suppliers to confirm features, options and models available.

Set Up or Installation

  • Connections and ports :
    • 3G
    • a USB port
    • wireless
  • Operating system(s) :
    • Android
  • File transfer and backup :
    • USB

Language Set Up

  • Pre-programmed templates :
    • Adult page sets
    • Teenager page sets
    • Visual Scene Displays
    • Young child page sets
  • Language Representation :
    • Alphabet/ text based
    • single meaning pictures
    • visual scene displays
  • Vocabularies:
    • ChatPower
    • Essence
    • MultiChat
    • Vocab PC
    • WordPower
  • Type of Device:
    • dedicated device
    • dynamic display
    • non-dedicated device
  • Symbols :
    • PCS
    • Symbol Stix


  • Manuals and support material :
    • included with product
    • online

Rate Enhancement

  • Rate enhancement features:
    • abbreviation expansion
    • core words
    • word prediction

Built In Features

  • Social communication and recreation features:
    • Access to computer outside communication software
  • Camera:
    • Front facing
    • Rear facing

Visual Display

  • Display screen :
    • Colour touchscreen
  • Font size:
    • Fully customisable

Access Options

  • Access method:
    • Direct selection

Voice Output

  • Voices :
    • Acapela
    • IVONA
  • Accent:
    • Australian
    • UK
    • US
  • Voice output:
    • computer generated synthesised speech
  • Languages available:
    • English
  • Speech/ Voice customisation:
    • Pitch
    • Speed/ speech rate
    • Volume
  • Speaker/s position:
    • Underside of device

Power Source

  • Power source:
    • Rechargeable battery
    • USB connection with a mains powered device

Speech Generating Device Accessories

  • Carry Accessories:
    • Shoulder strap
    • Soft case

Speech Generating Device Mounting & Positioning

  • Positioning:
    • Angled
    • Built in stand
    • Flat
  • In Built Mounting Options:
    • Integrated mounting points
  • Mounting Accessories:
    • Other mounting plate

Suppliers (2)

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Indigo Hire -Formerly ILC (Hire Only no sales) (Nedlands)

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Liberator Pty Ltd (Magill)

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Liberator Pty Ltd (Magill)

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5500.0 - 0.0 () yes yes Via order