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A mobile phone application which can be used to detect seizures. It is designed to alert carers via an SMS message that the user is experiencing a seizure and informs the carer of the user's GPS coordinates.

General Details

Method of Use

Run the EpDetect application from the program menu. When the EpDetect screen opens, select "Menu" at the bottom left of the EpDetect screen, then select "Settings". Five further sub menus are available from the "Settings" menu. Select an item then click the phone keypad to enter data.

When the EpDetect application has been set up, select "activate" at the bottom right of the EpDetect screen. This will activate the seizure detector. If at any time the user needs to deactivate the detector, select "deactivate" on the EpDetect screen. EpDetect continues to work in the background while the user uses their phone for making calls, downloading email or while any other applications are running. When a seizure is detected, the "Detector Active" screen will display, followed by the "Alarm Active" screen.

"Detector Active" Screen
When a seizure is detected it will warn the user via a "Status Message" stating "Seizure Detected - press the clear button for 5 seconds to cancel".
An audible alarm will also sound on the user's mobile phone immediately upon detection of a seizure.
A countdown timer from 30 seconds will be displayed on the user's mobile phone to enable them to press the cancel button prior to sending the outgoing SMS alert. The countdown timer is adjustable from 1 to 60 seconds.
A large "Clear" button graphic is displayed to allow the user to clear the detector active status, which also cancels any outgoing SMS alert. The "Clear" button must be pressed for 5 seconds within a 30 second period to prevent the outgoing SMS message.

"Alarm Active" Screen
A message stating "Seizure in progress - press the cancel button for 5 seconds to signal the end of a seizure" will be displayed
A second audible alarm will continue to play until the alarm active status is cleared
A large "Cancel" button graphic is displayed on the user's mobile phone to allow the user to clear the alarm status, which also causes an "End of seizure" SMS to be sent to the carer or family member's mobile phone. The cancel button must be pressed for 5 seconds to cancel the "Alarm Active" status
A message saying "This person may be having an epileptic fit" will be displayed on the screen

Advanced Options Screen
The advanced options screen is used to set up the operation of the seizure detector. The settings should not be changed unless the user is advised to do so by EpDetect. The advanced options screen contains the following setting adjustments:
Back-up Accelerometer Data - a tick box which if ticked saves the raw accelerometer data that caused the last alarm condition to a file
GPS On/Off - a tick box which if ticked activates the phone's GPS to generate location information, which is appended to the SMS message sent to a carer or family member's mobile phone
Carer No 1 - the mobile phone of the first carer, this number will receive an SMS message if an alarm condition is active
Carer No 2 - an optional second mobile phone number can be alerted via SMS of a seizure
Carer No 2 - an optional third mobile phone number can be alerted via SMS of a seizure
Detector Active Sound - selects the warning sound to be played when the detector is active
Alarm Active Sound - selects the sound to be played when the alarm has not been cancelled (could be an audio file with a voice recording such as "Help this person is having a seizure")

Extra product information

EpDetect monitors the user's movements and differentiates between normal patterns of movement and movement associated with tonic-clonic seizures. EpDetect will monitor the movement of the user while their mobile phone is in their pocket or worn on a belt.

EpDetect will alert up to three carers or family members with an SMS message with the GPS coordinates of the user's location and a short message stating that the user has had a seizure. If the user recovers they can press a button to cancel the alarm, which will initiate and "end of emergency" SMS message to the carer or family member's mobile phone.

The application will run on mobile phones that support SMS messaging, movement detection (via an accelerometer) and GPS positioning.

The application has been designed to work with most Windows Mobile equipped telephones that support accelerometer applications. An accelerometer is a device that allows the mobile phone to sense movement. It's used to automatically change the display from portrait to landscape as the phone is rotated.

If the user's mobile phone does not have GPS positioning capabilities, EpDetect will still work however it will not include GPS positioning coordinators in the message it sends to carers or family members.

EpDetect has been tested on the HTC HD and HTC Diamond mobile phones.

EpDetect is not currently compatible with the Apple iPhone, Android phones or Windows Phone 7.


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Model EpDetect Epilepsy Detector Mobile Phone Application: One application only

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