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An attendant driven transport system for the bariatric client. There is a a foot activated parking brake and power forward and reverse drive. The seat swivels and locks in position .A retractable seat belt is standard. Transports over grass, gravel, footpath and carpet. Suitable for indoor and outdoor surfaces. Available in moss green.

General Details

Caution: Powered Wheelchairs & Scooters

This item should be trialled in the user's home environment to ensure maximum safety and independence. Environmental considerations include kerbs, footpaths, road, railway crossing, etc.
Users should take care when riding a scooter or powered wheelchair and observe the following safety guidelines:
• Users who intend to use scooters or powered wheelchairs must ensure they have the necessary physical and cognitive skills to operate and manoeuvre them safely
• Stay within the legal speed limit of 10km/h
• Be aware that taking medication or driving under the influence of alcohol may affect the user's judgement
• Always make sure that you are clearly visible, particularly at night or on dull days-use the lights and reflectors and install a reflective flag high enough to be seen by motorists
• Wear a bicycle helmet whenever possible
• Slow down when you are near other people, especially pedestrians and cyclists
• Avoid stopping or driving on inclines greater than your scooter or powered wheelchair is designed for
• Use footpaths if possible. If there are no foot paths, plan to user quieter roads
• Plan your trip and avoid uneven surfaces, dips and potholes
• Ensure if you are carrying parcels that the load will not over-balance your scooter or powered wheelchair and the parcels do not interfere with your controls or vision.

Crash Test Information for Wheeled mobility devices

At the time of publishing, this wheelchair has not been crash tested and is not suitable for use as a seat in a vehicle. The user must transfer to a standard vehicle seat.


Amigo / USA


1 Year



Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model base: base

  • Width Overall 68.6 mm (rear wheel width flip up removable armrests)
  • Length Overall 132 mm
  • Weight Overall 110.7 kg (with batteries)
  • Height Overall 102.2 cm (to top of handle)
  • Load Capacity (supplier stated) 320 kg


Contact listed suppliers to confirm features, options and models available.

Type of Transfer Aid

  • Transfer aid type:
    • wheeled transfer


  • Wheelchair armrests:
    • lift up
    • padded
    • removable
    • width adjustable

Optional Accessories

  • Wheelchair accessories:
    • IV pole
    • oxygen bottle holder


  • Powered Wheelchair control options:
    • attendant control


  • Wheelchair footplates:
    • one piece

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Statina Healthcare Australia (Hornsby)

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Statina Healthcare Australia (Hornsby)

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