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WiVik 3 is an on screen keyboard software program for Windows that allows the user to enter text or perform keyboard functions using a mouse, trackball, mouse emulator and switch scanning. Word completion/prediction, speech output and abbreviation/expansion features are included. WiViK 3 can be used to operate any Windows program including word processing and internet applications. See information re System Requirements and compatibility under General Details.

General Details

Factors to Consider

System Requirements WiViK 3.2
Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32-bit)
NOTE: a BETA version is available for 64-bit computers
Additional considerations if using Windows Vista. Refer to supplier website for details: www.wivik.com

Extra product information

Each letter, word or sentence read out loud as you type.
You can also highlight a block of text in a word processing document, web page or email and have it read out loud.
Items such as menus, icons and buttons can be spoken out loud in most applications.

Word Q: Word Prediction
Guesses which word you are typing. When you type a letter, a list of words appears on the keyboard. If you select a word it will be typed into your application. The program learns your words as you type, or you can add your own words into its dictionary.

Allows you to type two or three letters which are automatically expanded into a whole phrase or sentence. You can edit the list available.

Use any mouse or mouse alternative such as a trackball or head operated mouse to move the cursor to a key then select the key by either:
Clicking the mouse buttons.
Using a Dwell select option - just hold the cursor still for a predetermined time and it will automatically click.

Access the keyboard using switch scanning with one or more switches.
A range of scanning options are available using 1 - 6 switches. Scanning methods include automatic, directed, inverse/step. Scanning patterns include row/column, column/row or quadrant.


WiViK Serial Switch Adaptor
A SERIAL adaptor which allows you to connect one or two switches to your computer via the serial port.

WiViK USB Switch Adaptor Box
This interface is designed for use with the WiViK on screen keyboard.
It provides up to six single switch connections, two dual switch connections and a joystick connection.


Contact Supplier for Details


Contact Supplier for Details



Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model Wivik 3: One edition only

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