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A fall detector pendant with SOS button and GPS tracking that utilises the GSM (mobile phone) network. Activation of the pendant's SOS button will text and sequentially call up to 5 emergency contacts. Acceptance of the call will enable a two-way conversation with the user. The emergency text messages also include a link to Google Maps showing the user's location. The pendant can also receive calls and will automatically answer in speakerphone mode. The phone icon button on the side of the unit can also initiate a call to one of three emergency contacts. The location of the pendant can also be sought by the emergency contacts by texting the letters 'loc' to the phone number of the pendant to receive a reply text with a link to its location on Google maps. Available in several colours, the pendant is water resistant (IP67-can be used in shower/not submersible in water). Also features real-time tracking, Geo-Fencing, over speed & movement alarms.

General Details

Caution: Emergency Call Systems - '000'

It is important to be aware that 000 calls from automated devices (such as emergency call systems) cannot be guaranteed a response from the emergency services if they are unable to validate the condition, address and required response. It is therefore not recommended to program 000 into a non-monitored emergency call system (or autodialling system).

Caution: Emergency Call Systems - NBN

The planned National Broadband Network (NBN), if built as proposed, will replace the existing fixed-line copper telecommunications network. Telephone based emergency call systems supplied by companies who are members of Personal Emergency Response Services Australia (PERSA) are expected to work correctly when connected to the NBN. Please be aware that battery back-up time on the NBN will only work for a few hours during a power failure. Please ensure that your NBN customer equipment is set-up correctly to work with your emergency call system and that the Retail Service Provider (RSP) that you have selected to provide your broadband can support that set-up. If the NBN is rolling-out in your area, call your emergency call system supplier before you sign any contract for the NBN service so they can assist you to select an RSP that is likely to support the continued operation of your emergency call system over the NBN.

Extra product information

* requires prepaid phone sim card which can be provided (ALDI sim only/ uses Telstra network)
* water resistant: IP67- can be worn in the shower; not submersible in water.
* Supplied with: A lanyard, charging cradle and cable.
* detects a fall automatically and sends alert with message.
* fall alert can be cancelled by pressing the middle button.
* Battery information: 900mAH Lithium battery; seven day battery life for pendant with charging docking station provided.
* Geo-fencing and online tracking capabilities


Contact supplier for details


Contact supplier for details



Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model 3G Fall Detector GPS: One model only

  • Weight 35 g
  • Length Overall 61 mm
  • Weight Overall 35 g
  • Width Overall 44 mm
  • Thickness 16 mm


Contact listed suppliers to confirm features, options and models available.


  • Compatible alarms:
    • fall detectors
  • Emergency call system type:
    • non-monitored

Testing Procedure

  • Emergency Call System monthly test call:
    • optional

Set Up or Installation

  • Installation:
    • self-programmed

Receiver Unit

  • Receiver unit features:
    • two way hands free communication
  • Receiver unit:
    • wireless / 3G


  • Transmitter activation:
    • fall detection
    • press button
  • Transmitter options:
    • pendant

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