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Clicker Communicator is an Alternative and Augmentative Communication app available on iOS devices. Different versions of the app are available, depending on the symbol set desired. Options include Symbol Stix, PCS and Widgit symbols. All versions include the CrickPix library. Multiple access options available including direct touch, switches and SuperKeys. Easy editing directly on the iPad.

General Details

Additional Specifications

App can be purchased with each symbol set separately. The other symbols sets can be purchased from within the Clicker Communicator Symbol Stix app.


Crick Software/United Kingdom



Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model Clicker Communicator Symbol Stix: Comes with Symbol Stix included. PCS and Widgit symbols can be purchased as in-app purchases.

Model Clicker Communicator Widgit: Comes with Widgit symbols included. Symbol Stix and PCS symbols cannot be purchased as in-app purchases. They must be purchased as seperate apps

Model Clicker Communicator PCS: Comes with PCS included. Symbol Stix and Widgit symbols cannot be purchased as in-app purchases. They must be purchased as seperate apps.


Contact listed suppliers to confirm features, options and models available.

Optional Accessories

  • Symbols :
    • PCS
    • Symbol Stix
    • Widgit

Built In Features

Set Up or Installation

  • File transfer and backup :
    • AirDrop
    • Dropbox
    • email
    • Google Drive
    • OneDrive
    • WebDAV
  • Operating system(s) :
    • Apple iOS
  • Purchase Options:
    • App Store


  • Manuals and support material :
    • online

Rate Enhancement

  • Rate enhancement features:
    • message history
    • word prediction

Access Options

  • Access method:
    • Apple iOS Switch Control
    • Direct selection
    • External switch
    • SuperKeys
  • Keyboard features:
    • QWERTY

Visual Display

  • Font size:
    • Can't be customised

Voice Output

  • Accent:
    • Australian
    • Other
    • UK
    • US
  • Voice output:
    • computer generated synthesised speech
  • Languages available:
    • English (United Kingdom)
    • English (United States)
  • Voices :
    • iOS built-in voice
    • Nuance RealSpeak Karen and Lee (Australian English)
  • Speech/ Voice customisation:
    • Pronunciation
    • Speed/ speech rate
    • Volume
  • Auditory feedback :
    • speak character
    • speak on selection
    • speak sentence

Language Set Up

  • Language Representation :
    • Alphabet/ text based
    • single meaning pictures
  • Vocabularies:
    • Clicker Core 1
    • Clicker Core 2
    • Clicker Core 3
  • Symbols :
    • PCS
    • Symbol Stix
    • Widgit

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