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A portable 5 wheel mobility scooter, with docking station. Able to load and unload into the back of most small hatchbacks, wagons and SUV's, using a remote control. No heavy lifting required. The docking station can be installed and removed with no special tools or modifications to the vehicle. Features include floating adjustable footplates and a kerb handling feature to prevent tipping and beaching.

General Details

Powered Scooters - safety advice for use

Test you can drive the power scooter safely and with ease before buying it. Check local power scooter road rules and follow them. Only drive in areas scooter is designed for.
This item should be trialled in the user's own environment to ensure maximum safety and independence. Environmental considerations include e.g.: kerbs, footpaths, tram and railway crossings, street crossings, etc.

Caution: Load Capacity for Mobility Scooters

The load capacity of a scooter may change according to the type of ground the scooter is used on. The supplier stated load capacity may have been given for a scooter that has been tested on flat ground. However, the scooter’s load capacity, performance and stability may change when the scooter is used on an incline. These factors, including the maximum gradient on which a scooter should be safely used, should be discussed with the supplier.

Additional Specifications

Docking Station
• Weight overall 37.9kg
• Weight side ramp 12.6kg
• Weight centre ramp 2.7kg
• Weight frame 10kg
• Length overall 1350mm
• Length folded 1230mm
• Width overall 770mm
• Height 190mm


Advanced Vehilce Concepts / UK


3 years

Standards Compliance

Standards Number
ISO 7176-4:2008



Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model Quingo Flyte: One Model Only

  • Length Overall 1260 mm (Length is 1100mm without basket)
  • Width of Seat 430 mm - 585 mm
  • Width Overall 590 mm
  • Height Overall 1050 mm
  • Load Capacity (supplier stated) 159 kg
  • Weight of Heaviest Part 12.6 kg (Weight of Docking Station side ramp)
  • Height of Backrest 360 mm
  • Depth of Seat 380 mm
  • Turning Radius 1020 mm
  • Weight Overall 37.9 kg


Contact listed suppliers to confirm features, options and models available.

Optional Accessories

  • Powered Scooter accessories:
    • bag
    • cover
    • extra battery
    • oxygen bottle holder
    • walking stick holder


  • Powered Scooter suspension:
    • no suspension

Transport and Dismantling

  • Powered Scooter transport:
    • can be folded for transport


  • Powered Scooter brakes:
    • Dual rear friction brakes operated via pressing hand brakes located on tiller
    • electromagnetic
    • engage automatically when controller is released


  • Powered Scooter controls:
    • angle adjustable steering tiller
    • battery level indicator
    • finger or thumb lever controls
    • horn
    • malfunction indicator
    • speed selection


  • Powered Scooter tyres:
    • pneumatic
  • Powered Scooter tyre options:
    • puncture resistant tyres


  • Powered Scooter armrests:
    • height adjustable
    • lift up
    • width adjustable


  • Powered Scooter backrest:
    • fold down
    • upholstered


  • Powered Scooter Seat:
    • slides back and forth by pushing the lever at the front under the seat
    • upholstered


  • Powered Scooter cowlings:
    • ABS plastic


Anti Tip Bars

Suppliers (3)

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All Suppliers

Motobility (Formerly Bluesky Healthcare) (Osborne Park)

Supplier Code Price & Price Notes Hire? Repair? Availability
P.O.A unknown unknown

Quingo Pacific (Bassendean)

Supplier Code Price & Price Notes Hire? Repair? Availability
5990.0 (Price of Docking Station is $3350.00) unknown unknown

Scooters and Mobility Geelong (Newcomb)

Supplier Code Price & Price Notes Hire? Repair? Availability
P.O.A unknown unknown

VIC Suppliers

Scooters and Mobility Geelong (Newcomb)

Supplier Code Price & Price Notes Hire? Repair? Availability
P.O.A unknown unknown