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A digital voice labeller that plays a recorded auditory message to identify an object. The message plays when the user touches the end of the device to the supplied self-adhesive scannable labels. The Pen Friend may assist people with a vision impairment to identify items including clothes, food and medication. Each label can be rerecorded using your own voice. The labeller features high contrast yellow buttons on a black background.

General Details

Method of Use

To start the pen, press and hold the power button for two to three seconds -
this is the button nearest the top of the device. You will hear an audible beep.
To switch off, press the same button until you hear a chime. If you do not use
the pen for more than three minutes it will automatically switch off to conserve
battery power, and this is also indicated by a chime.


RNIB / Unknown


Contact supplier for details



Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model Standard : one model only

  • Depth Overall 22 mm (widest part )
  • Width Overall 22 mm (widest part)
  • Length Overall 150 mm

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