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Kivi offer a range of ergonomically electronic spinner knobs that allows individuals with limited upper limb ability to steer a vehicle with one hand. They are designed to make them easy to grasp so that they can be used for extended periods of time to allow for driving long distances. -Kivi Transmitter On The Wheel PV1102 -Kivi Transmitter On The Wheel PV1009 They also provide a range of non-electronic spinner knobs that are ergonomically designed for people with reduced grip.

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The transmitter on the wheel for auxiliary controls PV1009, PV1102 and PV3000 is used by drivers with disabilities to one upper limb. It can be installed in cars with automatic gear and power-assisted steering. The transmitter on the wheel for auxiliary controls is an infra-red device that manages the service controls from one station on the steering wheel, either on the right or the left, depending on the individual’s needs.
The device consists of a keypad and a handle which allow the driver to control the steering wheel with the able limb and to manage direction indicators, windscreen wipers (two speeds available), windscreen washer, low and high beam lights, flashing, rear windscreen wipers, horn and hazard lights.
For the PV1009 and PV1102 the keypad is revolving in respect to the wheel: it’s always perpendicular to the wheel, regardless of its position. For the PV3000 the keypad can be fixed or revolving: in the first case it’s an integral part of the adaptor while the wheel is turning, in the second case it’s always perpendicular to the wheel, regardless of its position.
The buttons for the auxiliary functions are in relief with respect to the keypad surface so that their exact position can be found just by moving the fingers, without looking away from the road. Each button is backlit, which makes it easier for the driver to find them at night.
For the PV 1009 the handle has an ergonomic shape with it’s extended handle replacing the traditional knob. For the PV3000 the handle consists of a round and ergonomic knob. They can be removed quickly and easily when not in use.
The handle is available in different colours.

The transmitter is powered by three AAA batteries, easily replaceable by the end-user.
This product has been EMC approved and is CE-marked. This product has a 5 year warranty from invoice date.

Licensing and Insurance Requirements

You are legally required to advise your State licensing authority of any medical condition or disability that may impact on your driving. If not, you risk fines or legal action and your car insurance can be affected. You may need to provide medical reports or undergo driving tests. Modifications to your vehicle must be in line with the Australian safety and design rules. Fitting of wheelchair occupant restraints, child restraints and vehicle hoist ramps must meet relevant Australian Standards. Modifications should be done by suitably qualified vehicle modifiers. You will also need to inform your car insurer of any vehicle modifications. Your policy may become void if you do not do so. Contact the vehicle licensing / registration authority in your State for more information.


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Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model PV3000: PV3000

Model PV1009: PV1009

Model PV1102: PV1102

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