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A clip on seat with harness that is mounted to the side of a single stroller, turning it into a double stroller. This may be used as an alternative to a wheeled board, allowing a toddler to sit beside a younger sibling. The attached seat can be folded flat against the main stroller for storage, or to access narrower spaces. Using a conversion kit, the Buggypod io can also be used as a three wheeled independent stroller. Suitable from 6 months old up to a toddler weight of 20kg. Seat cover colour options and accessories are available.

General Details

Caution: Chest / Postural Harness

Chest harnesses provide postural support for people whilst they are sitting in wheelchairs or other seats.
When used correctly a chest harness can help a person to sit comfortably and safely for long periods. They can also assist people to use their arms and hands to the best of their abilities.
However, if not used correctly chest harnesses can become a SAFETY RISK.
There is a risk of the person not being able to breathe if:
• The lower straps of the harness become loose and the harness rides up near the person’s neck blocking their windpipe.
• The person slides down in their chair so that the harness is around their neck and blocks their windpipe.
• The shoulder straps of the harness cut across the person’s neck blocking the windpipe. This can happen if the side supports on the chair that support the person’s trunk are not in place.
• The harness is done up so tightly that the person cannot take a breath.

Information courtesy of Scope Victoria.
Copies of the brochure 'Safe Use of A Chest Harness' and harness safety guidelines for therapists are available at www.scopevic.org.au/harness


Revelo Limited / UK


Contact supplier for details



Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model Buggypod io: Clip on seat and independent stroller

  • Width Folded 140 mm
  • Width of Seat 270 mm
  • Depth of Seat 290 mm
  • Height of Backrest 450 mm
  • Width Overall 410 mm (Folded width and open width)
  • Weight Overall 3.5 kg (As a side seat)
  • Height Overall 0 mm
  • Load Capacity (supplier stated) 20 kg


Contact listed suppliers to confirm features, options and models available.


  • Stroller accessories:
    • rain cover
    • sun canopy

Push handles

  • Stroller push handles:
    • height adjustable
    • one-piece

Transport and Dismantling

  • Stroller transport:
    • folding frame


  • Number of wheels on base:
    • dependent on choice of stroller base

Postural supports

  • Stroller postural support options:
    • adjustable chest harness
    • adjustable pelvic belt


  • Stroller seat upholstery:
    • padded


  • Stroller seat:
    • forward facing only
    • not adjustable


  • Stroller frame :
    • aluminium
    • folding
    • lightweight

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