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A range of multi-sensory adapted toys. They can be activated directly and some of them have switch adaptation options. Some models require batteries. Producing a range of cause and effect, sensory and learning opportunities.

General Details

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A range of these adapted toys are located at Noah's Ark Toy Library (Activ Foundation) in Western Australia


United States of America


Contact Manufacturer for further details.



Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model Plasma Star: Sound or switch activated! Watch the flat panel disk show an amazing display of plasma light. This light disk responds to music, voice or your capability switch. This toy encourages auditory development, sound making and increases visual attention.

Model Multisensory Funny Face Switch: A switch is designed to provide auditory, tactile and visual stimulation. There are lights, music, and vibration when you push your tactile switch plate. Great cause and effect device. Can also be used as a capability switch to activate other devices.

Model Cyclone: Stimulating sensory experience ahead! Activate its switch and the cyclone whips colorful glittery shapes about while sounds of wind, rain, thunder and music add to the wild weather ambiance! Also works with your own switch.

Model Explore-a-Centre: A multisensory activity center featuring eight different activities which teach cause and effect as they activate multicolored blinking lights, mechanical music, vibration and sounds of children’s laughter, water splashing, circus and more!

Model Flip Flop: Spin the dome to see multi-colored flashing lights, spinning beads, glitter and mirror reflections, feel vibration and hear six lively tunes! Equipped with two on/off switches—one controls the music, the other controls the lights, music and vibration.

Model Rainforest Waterfall: Activate your switch and play peek-a-boo with rainforest friends while colorful lights flash and lullabies or sounds of the rainforest play. Terrific for increasing visual attention and tracking. Removable base allows the toy to be clamped to a tabletop.

Model Band Jam: A five-in-one battery-operated drum-set. Just press one of the five buttons on the toy’s base to hear sounds of a tambourine, triangle, drum, cymbal or maraca. Multicolored LED lights add to the sensory excitement.

Model Hi Ho Cherry-O: The adapted version of this classic counting game will delight children of all ages and abilities. The set includes a game board equipped with two switch plates and two external jacks to accommodate external switches.

Model Swirl Art: An easy-to-use adapted art spinner. First, place a blank card on the spinner, then activate your capability switch to splatter paint on the card as it spins around. Great for increasing colour recognition and visual attention.

Model Match It! Picture Bingo: Game board is mounted on an electronic base with nine red LED’s that light up when players match the right picture word cards to the right word and picture on the game board.

Model Peek-a-Boo Mirror: When users run their fingers through the mirror’s bead chain curtain it activates the toy’s lights, music and vibration creating a sensory experience. Wedge-shaped base allows it to be used on the floor or a table.

Model Mini-Shooting Stars: Activate by pressing on the clear top and the stars will shoot all around while the device lights up, plays music and vibrates. Mini-Shooting stars enhances visual attention, sensory awareness and auditory skills. Does not require switch.

Model Busy Box: A multisensory toy for auditory, visual and tactile stimulation and color recognition. With recessed buttons so the user has to purposely activate the Busy Box.

Model Lighted Vibrating Mirror: Mirror lights up and vibrates when users pick it up. Encourages visual attention and bi-lateral hand usage. Vibration intensity is adjustable.


Contact listed suppliers to confirm features, options and models available.

Access Options

  • Access method:
    • direct access
    • Direct selection
    • External switch
  • Switch Type:
    • Mechanical
    • Single
    • Wand
    • Wireless
  • Switch activation:
    • movement
    • pressing it
    • touch


  • Number of batteries:
    • four
    • one
    • three
    • two
  • Battery type:
    • Removable


  • Access method:
    • direct access
    • Direct selection
    • External switch

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