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A mobile, electrically operated bed that is designed for both domestic and healthcare facility use. It features electrically adjustable height, backrest and knee break. Two models available - King single and single.

General Details

Caution: Bed Rails / Bed Sticks

Careful consideration needs to be taken when choosing a bed rail or stick. Incorrect positioning of the bedrail can lead to injury or death. They may increase the risk of injury to the occupant in several ways. Entrapment of limbs or body parts may occur within the rails, or between the rails and the bed. This may occur to those having a seizure, or rolling over in bed, or if unstable while transferring out of bed.
Bed rails can cause some occupants to become anxious while in bed. They may try to climb over the rails, particularly if the occupant has a condition such as dementia.
May not be suitable for a person who has ; a cognitive impairment with or without reduced mobility; reduced alertness and/or disorientation; a history of falls from bed.
It is recommended to check regularly that the bed stick is always positioned as close to the mattress edge as possible.
It should not be used in circumstances where there is a gap between the bed stick and the mattress, or potential gap if the device or mattress moves due to possible risk of entrapment.
A risk assessment is recommended prior to provision
For further information:


Unicare/ Australia


Structural warranty: 120 months, Electrical: 36 months, Castors: 12 months



Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model King single : with inbuilt extension

  • Width Overall 1070 mm (1170mm with side rails)
  • Length Overall 2100 mm - 2270 mm
  • Height Overall 280 mm - 730 mm
  • Clearance Under Bed 150 mm
  • Load Capacity (supplier stated) 180 mg

Model Single : with inbuilt extension

  • Width Overall 900 mm (1000mm with side rails)
  • Length Overall 2100 mm - 2270 mm
  • Height of Bed Frame 280 mm - 730 mm
  • Clearance Under Bed 150 mm
  • Load Capacity (supplier stated) 180 kg


Contact listed suppliers to confirm features, options and models available.

Power Source

  • Power source:
    • electric plug point into mains


  • Bed frame options:
    • bed extension
  • Bed mattress platform:
    • slatted metal
  • Bed frame:
    • steel


  • Bed headboard:
    • laminate


  • Bed footboard:
    • laminate


  • Bed adjustments:
    • electric back angle adjustment
    • electric leg raise
    • hi-lo height adjustment
    • knee bend with automatic calf raise


  • Bed controls:
    • handheld control on extendable cord

Bed rails

  • Bed rail options:
    • full length
    • grab rail


  • Castor options:
    • central locking


  • Bed brakes:
    • foot operated central locking brake

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