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The Crutch Caddy is an elliptical plastic dome with two side by side cavities (to accommodate a pair of crutches) each housing a ‘Glow in The Dark’ mechanism (for safety and crutch location in the dark) which holds the crutches in place. The mechanism's locking arms are activated as the rubber tip of the crutch enters the cavity and lock (using the weight of the crutch) around the aluminium tube of the crutch above the rubber tip as the crutch reaches full insertion. The locking arms hold each crutch in a vertical position ready for use. To release and extract the crutches lift upwards out of the cavities and the locking arms retract and disappear back into the housing of the dome. Designed for use with standard 22mm aluminium crutches with standard 43mm(1 3/8”) rubber tip. Two standard Rubber Tips (ferrules) are included with each Crutch Caddy.

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Actinnovation / Australia


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Models / Specifications

Model Crutch Caddy: Device designed to hold crutches safely when not in use

  • Weight Overall 800 g
  • Length Overall 438 mm
  • Width Overall 235 mm
  • Thickness 44 mm (tapers to floor level at edges)

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