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A service that allows remote photo monitoring of family or friends. One or more mobile phone/camera devices are set up within a persons home to take photos when the family or friend texts the word "photo" to the device. This allows them to check up on person remotely. When texting 'photo' to the companies privately owned mobile network server, you will receive photos of the person back to your mobile phone. The person will be alerted by the device that a photo is going to be taken. No app is required and installation of the devices (with removable adhesive strips) is included. The camera devices have a SIM card so no internet or wireless connection is required. Up to 5 family or friends can be registered to use the system. The photos will be deleted after 24 hours. There are rental or purchase options

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Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

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Model Perth Elderly & Disabled Monitoring: Camera

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4.0 - 449.0 ($4 per day with 3 cameras supplied and installed OR Buy outright for $349 per camera (1 year service and support), $449 per camera (2 years service and support).) yes yes