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A three wheeled motor vehicle that is designed to be driven by a person in a manual wheelchair. The individual enters the vehicle via a rear ramp and the wheelchair is locked in place via a custom docking system. All controls are positioned on the handlebars or near the driving position. A current motor bike license, registration certificate and third party insurance is required. Currently one model available (Nippi 300) with a second under development (Nippi 650).

General Details

Licensing and Insurance Requirements

You are legally required to advise your State licensing authority of any medical condition or disability that may impact on your driving. If not, you risk fines or legal action and your car insurance can be affected. You may need to provide medical reports or undergo driving tests. Modifications to your vehicle must be in line with the Australian safety and design rules. Fitting of wheelchair occupant restraints, child restraints and vehicle hoist ramps must meet relevant Australian Standards. Modifications should be done by suitably qualified vehicle modifiers. You will also need to inform your car insurer of any vehicle modifications. Your policy may become void if you do not do so. Contact the vehicle licensing / registration authority in your State for more information.

Extra product information

Standard model is the Nippi 300.
Nippi 650 is under development.

Drivers need good upper limb function to use this scooter.
The standard Oz Scooter comes with:
. special frames for optimal strength
. front disc brake with twin piston caliper
. emergency on/off switch located within easy reach
. 305mm wheels and low profile tyres
. steering lock
. dashboard features tachometer, clock and fuel gauge
.independent rear suspension
. fuel tank capacity 7 litres
. choice of colour: raspberry red, electric blue, racer green, deep sea blue, silver crystal

Engine and Transmission
. type - 147.5cc fan forced air and oil cooled
. max power - 8.1Kw/7250rpm
. max torque - 11.0 N-M /6000rpm
. compresions ratio - 9.7:1
. electric start
. fully automatic transmission
.catalytic convertor fitted as standard
. uses standard unleaded or premium fuel




12 months



Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model Standard Model: One Model Only

  • Width Overall 1289 mm
  • Length Overall 1803 mm
  • Height Overall 1029 mm
  • Load Capacity (supplier stated) 250 kg
  • Weight Overall 120 kg
  • Diameter of Front Wheel 350 mm
  • Diameter of Rear Wheel 350 mm


Contact listed suppliers to confirm features, options and models available.

Suitable Vehicle

  • Vehicle type:
    • a vehicle with rear entry access

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