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The Burley range of bike trailers are designed to be attached to a bicycle for transporting a child. They feature a variety of different designs and accessories between models, including dual or single carrying capacity, two side panels with windows, a removable cover for weather protection and storage space behind the seat.

General Details

Extra product information

The bike trailer has the option of being converted into a stroller or jogger and can seat one or two children dependant on the model selected. The trailer is hitched to the rear of the bike. When set up as a stroller or jogger the attachment includes a push handle and drum brakes.

Seats are set in a hammock position and the seat pad can be removed for washing. A suspended seat is built with breathable flow-through mesh fitted with a five-point harness system with soft, padded straps.

The trailer comes with 2-in-1 cover, with sealed seams and waterproof zippers, shields and also includes adjustable sun shield. The tinted windows have a UV inhibitor while still providing visibility inside and out, the rear vents allow maximum airflow

The frame constructed with light, strong aluminum alloy tubing and contoured side roll-bars with skid pad on frame bottom protects fabric from abrasion The trailer can be fitted with an includes easy-glide, retractable tow bar. The hitch positioning is designed for trailer tracking. The balance point is located over wheels reduces the weight on the bike and provides a smoother ride.

The trailer is fitted with 510mm quick-release alloy wheels. The wheel guards on the trailer's frame deflect the trailer wheels from coming into contact with obstacles. Drum-tight water-repellent fabric keeps children away from wheels and spokes

Rear cargo area for extra gear and groceries, plus an additional pocket for adult items like keys, cell phone and water bottle Includes reflectors on front, rear and wheels, a safety flag and reflective trim on the fabric for visibility.

Storage of the trailer is through a quick fold, with the possibility of removing the wheels to reduce its space.


The Jogger Kit converts a trailer to a jogger with a complete hand brake. This includes a 410mmwheel, hand brake, parking brake and wrist tether.

The Stroller Kit includes a stroller wheel stays attached and folds up out of the way when cycling. A Tool-free adjustment makes switching from bike to stroller. A parking brake and wrist tether are also included.






Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model Encore: Standard dual carrier bike trailer and stoller

  • Load Capacity (supplier stated) 45.5 kg
  • Weight 10.7 kg
  • Height 927 mm
  • Length 859 mm
  • Width 752 mm

Model Solo: Premium single carrier bike trailer and stroller

  • Weight 9.6 kg
  • Load Capacity (supplier stated) 34 kg
  • Width 705 mm
  • Length 876 mm
  • Height 869 mm

Model Cub: Any terrain dual carrier bike trailer and stroller

  • Height 921 mm
  • Height 968 mm
  • Length 947 mm
  • Width 792 mm
  • Load Capacity (supplier stated) 45.4 kg
  • Weight 15.3 kg

Model Bee: Budget dual carrier bike trailer

  • Width 767 mm
  • Load Capacity (supplier stated) 45.4 kg
  • Weight 8.4 kg
  • Length 890 mm

Model De'lite: Premium dual carrier bike trailer and stroller

  • Width 800 mm
  • Height 965 mm
  • Weight 45.4 kg
  • Load Capacity (supplier stated) 12.7 kg
  • Length 864 mm

Model Honey Bee: Convertible bike trailer and stroller

  • Height 921 mm
  • Width 767 mm
  • Length 890 mm
  • Load Capacity (supplier stated) 45.5 kg
  • Weight 19.9 kg

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