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An automatic turn off system for electric or gas stoves. Developed to prevent the stove being accidentally left on. A bypass switch can be fitted to allow for stove operation greater than 20 minutes without having to frequently restore the alarm. Both units can also be supplied with a key operated bypass switch, once the key is inserted the switch must be turned off to remove the key. Professional installation is required.

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This system is suitable for situations where it is necessary to isolate a stove to prevent damage from the stove being left on. It allows the user to turn on the stove to boil water or some other short time span cooking.

Pressing the pneumatic switch turns on the stove for approximately 20 minutes. An audible alarm sounds at about 18 minutes to warn the user that there is only 2 minutes of gas or electricity left before it is disconnected. If a longer time is required, after the gas / power turns off the pneumatic switch is again pressed to give another 20 minutes of cooking.

If another person wishes to cook an extended meal, a bypass switch and light indicator is fitted to enable the stove to be operated for an extended period. The switch is placed in such a location that the person normally using the stove cannot easily access. The indicator light reminds the visitor that the bypass switch must be turned off before leaving.

When used on a gas stove, an electrically operated gas valve must be installed by a licenced gas fitter and an additional power point is required to be installed above the stove to power the electronic control system.
A control box connected to the gas valve and powered from the power point controls the gas valve.

When used on an electric stove, a 30 amp contactor, 34 volt AC transformer and fuse is fitted in the back of the stove. The power to the stove is wired through the contactor and the output from the transformer is connected to the control box. The output from the control box is used to activate the contactor.

A timer switch that always turns the microwave off after two minutes it fitted to the power point and the microwave is then plugged into this timer switch. Can be self installed.


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Model DCT Vigil-Aide Electric and Gas Stove Isolation System: A stove supply isolation system that automatically switches a gas or electric stove off after 20 minutes.

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