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A range of tricycles that can be used by hands and/or feet. They are designed for children and adults with disabilities and can benefit those with cerebral palsy, Down's Syndrome, Spina Bifida, etc. The trikes are adaptable to suit individual needs.

General Details


* Fast speed and sharp turns can make this trike turn over.
* A helmet should be used at all times when riding the trike.
* Adult supervision is required.


The following alterations can be made for children with additional special needs:
* Wraps can be used to secure the hands to the grips.
* Extra straps can be used to secure the trunk.
* Blocks can be added to foot pedals to allow a smaller child to reach.
* Seat placement on the bar can be adjusted.

Extra product information

The trike was designed for children with disabilities and can be operated by pedalling and/or by hand cranking. An enclosed chain attached to both the handles and the pedals ensures that the foot and hand move in unison, though reversal of the foot pedal relationship is possible. This can be done by a bicycle shop.

This is a sturdy but very heavy tricycle and could be hard to push for children with abnormal (either high or low) muscle tone.

The seat has an adjustable height back support and a chest and lap sash with hook and loop tape attachments.

This trike comes disassembled and assembly instructions are kept in the picture file.

The steering column can be adapted in 3 ways:
1. It can be fixed so that it can only go straight ahead for children just learning to use it;
2. If one screw is removed, partial freedom of turning is possible (20 degrees turning radius);
3. If both screws are removed, full turning of the steering column is possible.


Amtryke LLC / USA


See supplier for details



Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

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