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A floor mop with a long extendable handle and universal joint on the point of handle attachment, that allows the mop to be lowered to floor level. It is therefore very flexible and can then be used to mop under low furniture. The floor fibre that attaches to the mop head is used with water only and so avoids use of toxic cleaning products.

General Details


Several floor fibres are available.

1. The Extreme Floor Fibre (21301) is green and is used wet on very dirty textures or uneven floors. It can also be used on outdoor paving, garage floors, unsealed concrete, unsealed wooden floors and on any greasy surface. It is therefore used for heavily soiled surfaces. The dirtier the floor is, the wetter the fibre needs to be.
If this fibre is used inside, it is important to follow the cleaning with an all purpose fibre to collect further loosened debris. Inside, the floor should also be dried, to prevent growth of mould and bacteria. This fibre has no cotton content.
This fibre can also be used to remove past build-up of detergent on the floor. There is no cotton in this fibre.
Caution: The Extreme Floor Fibre will strip excess wax or oil from wooden floors.

2. The Mixed Floor Fibre (21302) is used on floors with average soilage, e.g. tiles, vinyl, oiled wooden floors, sealed slate or other floor types that do not have a high gloss finish. This should be used damp or wet. The fibre has an uneven texture that allows it to reach into small crevices such as the grouting in tiles and the uneven texture in sealed slate and terracotta.
This fibre can also be used to dry off the surface after using the Extreme Floor Fibre.

3. The Allpurpose Floor Fibre (21303) has a high cotton content and is used on high gloss flooring including sealed wood, marble, parquetry, tiles and granite with average to light soilage. It should be used damp, depending on the floor type and soilage.
Caution: Due to the high cotton content, this fibre will lint and should be washed in a separate laundry bag.

4. Dust Floor Fibres (21304) are used for dusting floors and are used dry. The orange fibres collect and hold dust. They work by creating a static charge as they are moved over the surface. The fibre also collects human and animal hair.
Special care - This fibre does not need to be washed after every use. After dusting, take the fibre outside, away from open door and windows. Place your hands in the tabs at the back of the fibre and rub the fibre gently together. Open the fibre and shake to remove the collected debris. The fibre can also be vacuum cleaned.
Caution: This fibre should be washed in a separate laundry bag. It is not suitable for use on rough and unsealed floors.

Method of Use

To assemble the Enjo Floorcleaner

1. Using the "Open/ Close" lever on the top of the mop, press the "Open" lever - this can be done with the foot. Lift the head and place into the Floor Fibre.

2. Push the head flat down into the corners of the Floor Fibre.

3. Lock the head into place, using your foot to depress the "Close" lever. The "Open" and "Close" lever should be parallel.

4. With the Floorcleaner head and fibre locked into place, gently twist the pole to the left and extend to nose height for ergonomic use. Twist the pole back to the right to lock it into place.

5. The Floorcleaner is now ready to use. With the neck collar up, the user has complete control and manoeuvrability of the head.

6. When the cleaning is finished, depress the "Open" lever to collapse the Floorcleaner head.

7. Remove the Floorcleaner head from the Floor Fibre. To store, press the "Close" lever , push the neck collar down and put away.

Cleaning Requirements

The Enjo fibres can be machine washed but are better placed in a laundry bag separately.


Contact Supplier for Details


Contact Supplier for Details



Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model Enjo Floorclearner.: Available in different features.

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