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A carrier that attaches to a vehicle tow bar and is designed to carry a scooter or powered wheelchair. It has two rear wheels that pivot allowing it to follow the direction of the car when reversing. The scooter or wheelchair can be loaded onto the trailer using a fold down ramp hinged to the left hand side of the trailer. Can be customised.

General Details

Extra product information

Fixing of Carrier to Vehicle
• The carrier attaches to the towbar using a single pin attachment. This will stop the carrier from articulating.
• The drawbar fits over the towbar to attach and is height adjustable.

• Two rear pneumatic wheels extend from the back of the carrier.
• The wheels can pivot, which assists in stopping the carrier from articulating with the vehicle.
• The wheels have mudguards and mudflaps.
• The spare wheel sits under the carrier in a lockable container.
• Independent suspension on each wheel

• A fold down ramp is hinged to the passenger side.
• It has slip resistant material on its surface.
• Both sides have raised edges.
• Torsion(spring) bar takes the weight when lowering and raising the ramp.

• Electric wheelchair or scooter must be reversed onto carrier, and is secured by cargo restraint straps to anchor points.

Jockey wheel
• The two wheels and jockey wheel allow the carrier to be free standing when loaded and disconnected from your vehicle.

• Aluminium body and ramp.
• Zinc plated undercarriage and drawbar.

Factors To Consider

• Because of the pivoting wheel, the carrier acts like an extension of the car and the vehicle can be driven and reversed as normal
• Carrier is substantially shorter in length than the conventional trailer.
• Length of carrier may make parking difficult in some places (eg. Parking spaces)
• User needs to bend to attach the carrier


A cover can be customised for scooter or wheelchair to meet the individual's requirements.




Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model Standard: Standard length

  • Width Overall 1540 mm
  • Weight 120 kg
  • Load Capacity (supplier stated) 120 kg
  • Length Overall 1400 mm
  • Diameter of Rear Wheel 400 mm

Model Extended: Extended length

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